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    My street dog, a shepard mix I found on the streets of Prishtina, Kosovo is healthy and happy. I feed her 1/2 cup of Taste of the Wild with 1/2 cup of chicken broth and water + 1/8 of the small cesar’s entrees. My nutrition instincts make me think cesars is not very good. I mainly add it to her food for flavor. using only an 1/8 means after 5 days I toss the rest as a precaution against food poisoning. I’m curious if anyone has suggestions for a better quality flavor additive than cesars?
    P.S. oh yeah, I feed her so little because she only has 3 legs and doesn’t burn up many calories in a day.

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    Hi gee 1/2 a cup of Taste Of The Wild (TOTW) isn’t much for a shepherd, she must be a small dog, I have a 40lb-18kg staffy he’s small & he gets 3 cups of Taste Of The Wild a day…but if I feed a cooked meal for breakfast or dinner, I take away 1 cup of his kibble that day cause the cooked meal has replaced his kibble meal that day then some days
    forget to thaw out his rissoles, sweet potato so I just feed 3 cups TOTW kibble thru out the day instead.
    I would be buying human mince or grounded meat as they say in America, or human meats, mince is very cheap, in Australia Aldis have good cheap cuts of meat, good lean chicken beef, or pork mince for just $4.49 a tray of mince, I grate 1 peeled carrot, cut up some broccoli, a bit of parsley, kale or some spinach leaves what ever is growing in the veggie patch, 1 whisk 1 egg mix all together & make 1 cup size rissoles, rissoles are like meatloaf but smaller, small balls of meat, I bake on a baking tray in oven, when cool, I wrap the rissoles individually in glad wrap, then put in plastic bag & I freeze, I put 2 cooked rissole in fridge what I need for the next 2 days breakfast, when you cut up the cooked rissole they expand & the meal becomes big, I also boil some pumkin & sweet potatoes & when cooked & cool I section the pieces then freeze as well….
    For breakfast Patch gets cut up lean pork rissole or lean beef rissole with a bit of sweet potato & a little square pieces of pumkin, then for lunch & dinner he gets his kibble minus 1 cup cause of the 1 rissole & sweet potato he had for breakfast…..
    You can also buy tins of tuna in spring water or olive oil fully drain the water or olive oil & mix some boiled rice, cooked sweet potatoes, cooked carrot etc & add to her TOTW kibble as well, even tin sardines are excellent for their skin, coat, heart, joints, give about 3 sardines a day as a treat or add to her kibble…..I prefer to feed a cooked meal & not mix any kibble why wreck the meal with kibble…then I feed the TOTW kibble separate for the other meals…
    Do all the TOTW kibbles swell up & absorb all the Chicken broth water in bowl when you add the chicken broth to her kibbles? or do you feed the hard kibbles with the chicken broth around the hard kibbles & she has to drink chicken broth & chew the kibbles?

    Do you have an Adlis in your country? they have cheap human meats, cheap tins of sardines, tuna, salmon etc & make your own dog food I also make a casserole stew in a slow cooker & then freeze in the winter months, it works out cheaper cooking then buying
    wet tin dog food & you know what your dog is eating when you cook the meals…..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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