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    Hey everyone! Next month is sample month! Never heard of it? Okay, that’s not surprising considering I made it up. But anyway, the plan is to feed Lily THK Thrive next month as her main food, and substitute parts of it with various kibble samples from different companies. I’m looking for ideas of companies to ask for samples from.
    So far, here’s who I want to ask:
    •Wellness CORE
    •Nature’s Logic*
    •Earthborn Holistic
    •Zignature (Zssenstial formula)

    *Does anyone have the email for NL? I tried their contact form a while back, but I heard nothing. I looked in my sent mail and the email wasn’t there. I decided to order a bag anyway, but it could be good to know if she likes it before opening the bag, and also try other flavors.

    Any other ideas? The only requirement is that it be rated at least 4 stars. Grain-free is preferable but not a must. You don’t have to be sure the company offers samples, though thats a bonus. 😀


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    I have no suggestions, but I thought your idea was intriguing, so I wanted to boost this up and see what others say.

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    I have received samples from the following awesome companies:
    Annamaet (samples of the GF formulas plus a full-size bag of treats)
    Dr. Tim’s (sample of one formula and literature)
    Canidae (a whole bag of PURE Sea plus full-size bag of treats)
    Wysong (samples and literature)
    Brothers Complete (had to purchase the samples, BUT they doubled my order either by mistake or just because for free)
    Victor (had to purchase the samples, I ordered more than the limit, but they honored my order)
    Big Dog Natural (had to purchase the sample)

    Companies that did not send me samples when I contacted them:
    Nulo (sent me coupons instead)
    Fromm (said they have money-back guarantee, so if I buy it and Bruno doesn’t like it or whatever, I’d get my money back)
    Merrick/Castor&Pollux/Whole Earth Farms (said they have money-back guarantee, so if I buy it and Bruno doesn’t like it or whatever, I’d get my money back)
    TOTW (said my local store should give me samples)

    My local store, however, offers free samples ALLLLLL the TIIIIME, and I have obtained samples of Fromm, Victor, Merric, Wild Calling, TOTW, NVI, Stella and Chewy’s (RAW! FREE sample starter bag! WHAT?! 😀 ) and more.

    I love all the samples I have as I use them to spice Bruno’s menu up and I use them as training treats. 🙂

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    Thanks! Lots of ideas! I should also keep in mind that Nulo sent you coupons, because I get their foods regularly, and that Fromm has a guarantee, because I decided not to use the bag of food I got from them that wasn’t working well.

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    D_O, true – that’s why I listed what other companies said to me if they wouldn’t send me samples.

    I want to contact for samples:
    Nature’s Logic
    Canine Caviar

    And I forgot, Champion pet foods, as well as Petcurean (the Canadian companies) don’t send samples either, they have small “sample” bags available for purchase in most stores where their foods are sold.

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    I was going to suggest Champion but after reading Naturella’s post realized I did pay for the samples at K9cusine.com-they do sell a great deal of samples from many different companies.

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    My local “good” pet food store has someone every Saturday distributing samples. They usually give out coupons too.

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    Bobby dog

    D O:
    I did sample month in October for Bobby! C4C even helped me name it “Bobby’s Buffet.” I fed a new kibble every day. He needed a break from GF potato based kibble and I had something like 10 lbs. of samples from many different companies. One of the pet stores I frequent loves Bobby and sends us home with a full bag of samples every time we shop there. I don’t have any suggestions to add for kibble, have fun! 😉

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    I get tons of samples from two of the pet stores that i go to. I use a lot of them for my senior girl. She seems to like a different food every day. Not to mention she doesn’t need to transition.

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    Dog Obsessed. When I wanted samples of Nature’s Logic I called their customer service line and asked for samples of their grain free kibbles. They sent me two to three bags of each of their proteins.

    Always ask your local small dog food stores for samples. They always have samples of some foods. The small “boutique” type dog food stores typically will be carrying foods you would want to feed. They don’t normally carry the foods that you would find in Petsmart or Petco or stores like that. Those large stores may also have samples to give away also, I don’t know. I don’t shop in either store. I used to not shop at them because they sold animals. I’m glad to know they now only have adoptions. They are now due to get rid of all jerky or treats from China. They’re going in the right direction. I would like them now to stop selling dog and cat toys made in China. This is becoming another issue that is making dogs (don’t know about cats as I don’t believe they chew on their toys) sick.

    Anyway, call Nature’s Logic Customer Service Dept. Call all of them that you want for that matter. Typically they are happy to send them out to you. Nature’s Logic didn’t charge me for samples or for shipping.

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    I called Natures Logic and they sent me some very generous samples. I get most of my samples at the two small pet boutiques that are near me.

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    Sorry I wasn’t on earlier, I had a busy day today and a busy week ahead of me. Anyway, thank you so much everyone for all the replies! I will definitely email some of these companies and call Nature’s Logic, though probably not till the weekend. I will also ask for samples at the store this weekend, as I will be there anyway to get more canned food. 😀

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    Sooo, I help a couple of friends shop for dog food and I was with a friend of mine and I advised her to get 3 bags of Earthborn Holistic – Primitive Natural, Great Plains Feast, and Puppy Vantage, and then we went to my fave pet boutique store… I am SO WEAK!!! LoL! They had a sale on Acana and Orijen (the tiny 340-gram bags) for $1.99 instead of the usual $3.99. So I grabbed one of each! I couldn’t help it… argh… However… They are amazing foods, the Orijen one has like 15 meats as the first 15 ingredients… I mean, woah! lol. I can’t wait for Bru to try them! 🙂 Acana Pacifica and Orijen Adult is what I snatched. 🙂 They had Acana Grasslands on sale too, but for $2.99, so I wanted it, but passed on it… Maybe it will be $1.99 if it doesn’t sell in a few days… 😀

    But really though, I have got to control myself some around samples… 50%-off or not… lol. I must have about 8lbs of them that need to go through Bruno together with the rest of his foods at some point, soon preferably, and the guy eats like a little over 1/2 cup nowadays, so this will be interesting, lol.

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    • This reply was modified 9 years, 5 months ago by Naturella.
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    So I asked my local store today if they had dog food samples, and they said that they often do, but right now they only had cat food samples. I will keep checking.

    As for emailing/calling companies, at what point should I expect them to ask for my address/credit card number? I’ve never done this before, so I’m sorta freaked out about giving companies my information. -_-

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    D.O. I usually call them but when I have done it by emailed them for samples I’ve included my full name, address, telephone number right on the email itself.

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    Try Fromm and Nutrisource.

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    @Dori I would probably want to do one email first, just asking if they offer samples and stuff, even if I know that they do. Would that also work?

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    Nah! I didn’t bother with that. I just told them that I’d heard good things about their food was thinking about using it with my three dogs but didn’t want to buy it until I tried it. Nature’s Logic sent me a ton of samples of all their formulas. They sent me three samples of each of the formulas of their food. Maybe because I had mentioned that I had three dogs in my email to them. But you can do it your way too if you want.

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    Thanks! I think I’ll call NL, since the contact form wasn’t working. I’ll most likely email the other companies.

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