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    I joined this forum awhile back looking for a good dog food, for my Mom’s dog Sammy.

    Sammy has had a history of bladder stones and just recently we took her into the vet June 30th for second bladder stone checkup. Her first checkup we tried a vet diet can dog food that didn’t do much good, she lost a lot of weight because of it.

    So when we took her back in on June 30th the ex-ray showed the stones were still there.

    So I gave the go ahead for Sammy’s bladder stone surgery to have them removed! Sammy is 10 years old an active dog but still it was scary. Not something I want her to face again.

    Thankfully she made it through her surgery and was able to go home the next day.

    Long story short we gotten her bladder stone test results back today.

    What the stones were made of:
    1. Magnesium Ammonium Phospate
    2. Struvite
    4. Phospahate Carbonate

    I’m now trying to find a dog food low in, Protein ( less than 5 grams), Phosphorus (less than 170mg) and Calcium (less than 140 mg)

    Sammy is a good dog who loves to play for her age and just have fun. Anyone’s advice would be appreciated.

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