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    I would like to know when there are real sales on food, if there are ever sales over the typical $5 off. It appears that this site is closely connected with Chewy, which is a great company but I find it burdensome to use their site to find the best deals. It also seems that many sites closely resemble other sites, giving ranges like: ” ON SALE $17-$68,” I wonder if they are owned by the same organizations. A Google, Yahoo and TheFind search seldom produces real sales on pet food, and surprisingly Amazon seems to be the most expensive and their stock rotation is concerning.

    Anyone else find it hard to find more than $5 savings on +$60 bags of food?
    Maybe dog food advisor can work a deal with Chewy or another company were subscribers can get an added discount, at least enough to cover the price of the subscription etc.

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    Yes, I’m always looking for “deals” also! I get emails everyday from several different pet food companies. Most of them are kind of annoying, but every now and then a really good one comes along. LOL! I as a fellow subscriber, do not believe that DFA is connected with Chewy. I just think that a lot of the posters recommend them, not necessarily DFA. I feel that the information and advice that I receive from this site, more than covers the price of my subscription. I doubt that the owner of this site wants to be affiliated with anyone as it might be perceived as a bias towards a certain brand or company.
    So far, I think that Petsmart, Petco and Pet Flow offer some of the best sales. Also my local feed store is always sending me emails with their current sales and coupons. There is a coupons thread on this forum that several people will post coupons or specials that they know about. You should check it out!
    Good luck to you!

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    I recommend Chewy most, simply due to their return policy. I also recommend PetFlow, Wag and SportDogFood.

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