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    Kait B

    My dog is a Pitbull Mix. She’s 35 pounds. I have found that she has trouble chewing the regular to large size kibble in most foods. I had her try a few samples of food for small breeds, which has smaller kibble and she loves them and has a much easier time chewing. Are these foods scientifically formulate for tiny bellies? or is it ok for her to eat the small breed food on a regular basis?

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    She can eat small breed kibble on a regular basis. Numerous brands have small sized kibble or “small bites”. Some of the small/toy breed kibble will have more protein and fat but so will alot of puppy foods (which can be fed to adults) or “all life stage” foods. For instance, if the front of the bag says “puppy” and you turn and look at the back of the bag and it says “all life stages”.

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    I would add a splash of water (1/4 cup) and a bite of soft food mixed in.
    Otherwise it’s fine, but, bring it up when you take her to the vet for her annual exam.
    They usually ask about diet.
    This is not veterinary advise; consult your veterinarian.

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    Hi Kait B
    As pugmonsandy has written, smaller breed diet’s are normally higher fat & protein….Read fat % on back of bag…..

    Have a look at “Canidea” the kibble size are nice & small & very easy to digest… there’s their Pure gain free range & their life stages range that isn’t grain free, my boy loves the Pure Wild Boar, Pure Meadow, Life Stages, All stages formula has 4 proteins, Canidae also make “Under the Sun” formula’s a cheaper brand..

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    Hi Kait-

    Fromm 4Star has some very tiny kibble. I think just about all of them are very small and they are “all life stages” foods, not specifically designed for small breeds. That might be a good one to try and they have a variety of flavors.

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    Kait B

    Thanks so much everyone for your advice! I am definitely going to take your suggestions.

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