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    Steven H

    My two Aussies got there blood work results back and the vet recommended I put them on a kidney formula dog food. The hills k/d or the Royal Renal support F. Any thoughts on which one?

    Your input means a lot to me, anyone else having this issue with there four legged kids?

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    Andy B

    I have 2 maltese/pekingese mix 13 yr olds that are on RC Renal Support S and an Italian Greyhound that is on RC Early Cardiac. So far, I have been pleased with the results. They have been on these prescribed foods for over a year. I also mix a small amount of Orijen or Whole Earth to their kibble. Also, I put a tablespoon of ground chicken breast with about 3 tablespoons of purified water and mix all together. (it needs to taste good, too)

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    Steven H

    Just wanted to update those that have looked at this message. When the news of there blood work came back to me I panicked, what was I doing wrong.
    The next day with a calmer head with there blood work results in hand I email my previous vet asking her to look over the tests. One of the first questions she had asked was if I had fasted the guys before they took this test? Fasted, no they ate within two hours of there morning appointment, then I thought just like us when we get these tests done our Docs tell us not to eat. Boy did I feel stupid and why did the office not tell me this before hand.
    Merlin’s results looked fine with just one item slightly high. ( do to me feeding them before hand hopefully )
    Mozart was recommended I put him on Denamarin for a slight liver issue. That could be due to me cooking for them, to much protein from what I had read about this issue.
    5 weeks from now they will be getting another test done to see how the results compare and I will not be feeding them that morning prior.

    My previous Vet moved away and had to find another. I did talk to the current one and she agreed with my second opinion. Just like people, it pays to get a second or third look.

    Thank you Andy B for your resoponse and to the others that looked at this post.

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    Wow, what a relief!

    That’s crazy you weren’t told to fast them.

    You mention that you were cooking for them. We’re you making sure that their meals were complete and balanced? What will you be feeding them going forward?

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    Steven H

    There meal recipes came from The Healthy Dog Cookbook. Meat and Potato Patties (treats), Doggy Delicious Omelet, Spring Chicken Dinner and Thanksgiving Dinner (minus the cran and turkey sauces, ingredients in those not good).
    Then of course the supplements, Canine Plus, Omega 3,6, 9 and Seaweed Calcium.
    I have just this week introduced them to Merrick grain free chicken and sweet potato. Vets both agreed that it is a good idea for teeth cleaning and having a plan C, plan B is the Whole Earth Farms Hearty Chicken and Hearty Turkey grain free stew.

    Going forward it was suggested to me to give them the hard kibble 4 meals a week with the rest being home cooked…. They get two meals a day, morning and evening and of course the home cooked treats during the day…..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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