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    cindy q

    those that feed raw do you rotate between different brands? I am going to be feeding Darwins and Big Dog Natural. Big Dog Natural in the morning and Darwins at night. How many different brands do you use? And what brands are your favorite?

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    I rotate between brands and the proteins they make with the exception of any fowl as one of my dogs is intolerant of all fowl.

    Primal Frozen Raw and I use their freeze dried as treats
    Vital Essential Raw and I use their freeze dried tripe as treats
    OC Raw Frozen
    Answer’s Detailed Frozen Raw
    Nature’s Logic Frozen Raw
    Steve’s Frozen Raw
    Darwin’s (recently put it back into rotation)

    I’m sure there are others I use in rotation but can’t think of them at the moment.

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    cindy q

    Thanks Dori, do you feed 2 different brands in one day or do you wait until you finish one to start another?

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    cindy q

    oh and why did you take Darwins out of the rotation?

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    cindy q. My three girls have been on commercial raw diets, nothing processed including treats for the past 4 years. I rotate their food with every meal. I don’t mix proteins either. I always have 3 or 4 bags started in the freezer at the same time. Different brands, different proteins.

    The reason I had stopped feeding Darwin’s awhile back was they went through a change. They increased the fat, lowered the protein and raised the price. The whole idea did not sit right with me. I recently came across Darwin’s on Amazon with free shipping. Same Darwin’s and ships from Darwin’s facility also. You have to buy it in the variety packages though. You can’t specify just one protein. Since I rotate as frequently as I do and my dogs are accustomed to very high proteins, moderate to high quality fats, and low carbs there has not been an issue with Darwin’s. Actually it has less fat than a lot of the other frozen raws I have in rotation. I was just annoyed of the changes that I mentioned above. Now that I don’t have to pay for shipping it makes it easier to not be so annoyed with the company.

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    It depends on the size of the packaging if I use more than one brand in the same day. Sometimes I thaw out a 5 lb chub and use it all up before going to the next product. Sometimes I thaw out individual patties from different brands.

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