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    if there is a way to search this board please explain how. i dont know if my question has been asked before or not.

    i have been reading about rotational feeding and the benefits of it, but im seeing people talk about rotating once a bag is done. i have been pondering rotational on a daily basis. example: breakfast is 50/50 split brand a and brand b. dinner brand a. etc etc.
    i really really like my main dog food brand. but it does hurt the pocket book a little bit so im wanting to mix in something else of a differant protein base to assist with the rotational feed method plus save a bit of money.
    is it legit to do a rotational on a daily basis?

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    Yes you can rotate that way. As long as you’re buying different foods for brand B, you will still be offering a variety. You can even feed brand A for 2 feeds and brand B for 1, or any combo there of.

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    It is best if after doing brands A and B for a while you switch to C and D so that your dog is not always getting chicken every day or whatever protein. I rotate that way. They were on one that is beef and one that is fish, now it’s one that is turkey and one that is bison, next will probably be one that is rabbit and one that is venison.

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    ok ill look for a 3rd and 4th.
    right now her main is redmoon chicken and potato
    doing a rotation with earthborn meadow which is lamb, pea and tapioca
    which will give her 2 different proteins and 2 different starch
    maybe the 3rd can be earthborn coastal for the fish
    4th… hmmmm

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    Earthborn is good. My bison food is their Great Plains Feast.

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    ah i hadnt thought of that. maybe i can use that in another month or two. Poppy is 8 months and have been following the large breed food guidelines as i have come to the understanding that dobermans are either medium or large breed standard pending on parents (her dad was in the 90’s and mom in the upper 70’s). dont want to risk her body with the calcium etc etc i see the great plains is 1.50 percent calc vs meadow 1.20

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    You definitely want to assume large breed!! There are no negatives to feeding for large breed other than having to be careful about what food you feed while they are still growing, and it is way better to be safe than sorry! Once she is grown, she’ll have plenty of time to check out all those foods she is missing now. πŸ™‚

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