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    I just wanted to give a big shout out to this sites awesomeness! The price for the editors choice was well worth it, although even w/out it there are great things to be learned about dog food. Especially for folks like myself who thought all dog foods were the same. I’m glad I looked into things before we got our guy Loki back in Feb.
    My experience feeding him different foods has been a positive one. He is a mixture of lab/shep/husky/newfie and I was unsure what his grown up size would be, so I was trying to keep things on the lower calcium side, but some of the best foods were outlandishly priced. Knowing the ratings of various foods has enabled me to feed him food that has been marked down for whatever reason and still feel like a good dog mommy & not a cheapskate.
    He is now 6 months old & while exactly not the biggest dog (his puppy paws were deceiving! LOL) he is a healthy & fit 60 pounds of fun.
    Occasionally too much fun~he’s prone to climbing & hopping. He’s the bounciest big dog I’ve ever met!
    That said, the foods (dry) that I’ve been swapping around have included: Whole Earth Farms puppy, Castor & Pollocks Organix. Wellness Core (which is NEVER marked down!)
    Nutro Max & lately Zignature Turkey. He really likes the Zignature, as do I as it’s relatively affordable.
    The canned food I’ve used (I call ‘unders’ as I put it on the bottom of his bowl.) Are very varied. There are a lot different pet stores near me, so I get whatever decent brand catches my eye & is on sale.
    I must say, the one can I bought of Trippetts went into the trash as I couldn’t stand the smell of it.
    So there’s my long winded tale of rotation feeding.
    In our case it’s been great!

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    At 6 months he is far from being done growing. Many large breeds continue to grow and fill out till they are 2 years old.

    I don’t understand the Editors Choice thing? If you click on avatars, replies created, you can read most of the posts anyway

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    I assume he will get bigger, I don’t expect him to get huge, but I was unsure due to his varied background & wanted to keep calcium to a lower level. And the reviews have helped me choose foods.
    I was just trying to say how feeding him different high quality food has worked for me.
    As far as Editors Choice, it’s sponsoring this site which may otherwise not be able to provide the knowledge base.
    I appreciate all the factoids.

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    Thank you for sharing your experience with rotational feeding! I do the same thing for my American Staffordshire Terrier. Glad it’s working out so well for you and your boy! Rotational feeding is wonderful and many of us here highly encourage it

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    I also love feeding a variety of foods to my terrier mix Bruno. Since my husband and I have adopted him in 2013, he’s had, in no particular order of dry foods: Nutro Natural Choice Small Breed Puppy, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy, Nutrisca Chicken & Chickpea, Dr. Tim’s Kinesis GF, Holistic Health Extension Original, Blue Allergix, and Lamb & Brown Rice, Earthborn Holisitic Coastal Catch, Primitive Naturals, and Great Plains Feast, Back to Basics Open Range, Wysong Nurture with Quail, Nulo Medal Series Lamb & Lentils, Castor & Pollux Ultramix Duck, Victor Salmon, and samples of Fromm, Victor, NutriSource, TOTW, Wysong, Orijen, Acana, Nature’s Variety Instinct (the Rabbit formula he was supposed to eat but it made him very sick, but other samples he did great with), Hi-Tek, Nature’s Logic, and many other foods I can’t recall ATM. Lined up we have Wellness CORE Ocean and Original, more Earthborn, Canidae Pure SEA, Castor & Pollux Organix GF, and right now he just got on Dogswell LiveFree Salmon.

    For toppers we used The Honest Kitchen Embark, Force, Keen, and Love, and Big Dog Naturals Green Tripe (air-dried). I have used various canned foods too, like Weruva, Green Cow by Solid Gold, and Green Tripe from Petkind, and also some more dehydrated/air-dried like Sojo’s. Now I use some small Merrick dog cans and some cat food pouches and cans for some of the toppers along with coconut oil, yoghurt, raw egg, canned sardines, and a RMB for his Sunday dinner. I also almost always add extra water to the food when served with a topper so he eats “soup” most of the time. Sometimes I just give him plain kibble as part of a training routine or from a puzzle toy to stimulate his brain. He likes it just the same!

    He gets regular treats (Fromm, Canidae, Yummy Chummies, and Think! Alligator and Crawfish Jerky, and also kibble as treats (a different brand and flavor of the main food he is on at the moment), He also has a few natural chews like cow and lamb ears, beef tracheas, bully sticks, pig snouts, fish skins, antlers, hooves, etc.

    Sorry for the rant, lol, but yeah, rotations are awesome, and Bruno loves the daily variety, and I love how he looks and feels (shiny and soft). I used to take 10 days or so to transition from one food to the next at first, then about 7 days, then 3, then 0. Now he switches so quickly because he eats a constant variety of foods and treats.

    And LM, I guess you can see the replies of a person, but it will be hard to follow an Editor’s Choice topic reply by reply from individual authors. And some topics are EC exclusive.

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    I see that, regarding Editor’s Choice. I pay a small annual fee (voluntary) to participate on another forum.
    But, on that forum everyone is treated the same, except it says member (nonpaying) or subscriber (paying) under your screen name. As long as you sign in, you can access all parts of the forum, no exclusions.
    This is just a different style, I guess. No biggie ๐Ÿ™‚
    Otherwise, I am enjoying this site and find it interesting.

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    Welcome to the DFA site! Congratulations on your rotation success. I have a very bouncy dog as well. We say we should have named him Tigger! Funny thing is we have one of his littermates as well and he is more like Eeyore! Anyway I wish you continued success!

    OMG! You take the rotation diet very serious. Good for you! I miss your posts. I Hope you continue to pop in once in a while. I also miss Akari! Tell her to pop in too if you talk to her. Take care.

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    C4C, thank you, lol! I just try to give him a lot of variety, and lucky for me, there is plenty out there to choose from for my non-allergic pup! I also like to keep track of the foods I give and if he does exceptionally well, to make note of it.

    And I forgot to say that Only Natural Pet’s Power Dry is another he’s had, and I keep samples of it at my in-laws’ place for when we go to visit and Bru has to eat. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for me, I’ve been MIA due to school and work – I worked a ton, wrote huge papers, presented them, did finals, graduated with my Master’s Degree, husband got his Bachelor’s, we had a celebratory dinner, and then I fell sick… I just worked myself sick and my immune system crashed with a bad cold/bronchitis, but I am recovering, and back at it little by little. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I will relay your message to Akari. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Congrats on the degrees! That is quite an accomplishment. My youngest son will be getting his A.A. Degree in a few weeks and will be transferring to a university to hopefully get his Bachelor’s in something useful, I hope!
    Does that mean you will be moving to Washington State soon? Lol!

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    Thank you, C4C!!! I am sure your son will be fine and choose something he is passionate about! I have determined that passion is one of the best money-makers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And I wish!!! But Brian still wants to go to Grad School for Ceramics, so that will be about another 2-3 years, so in about 5 years (estimate, with time for him to find the grad school, complete it, and then we find jobs and stuff and relocate to your area) we will be coming! I can’t wait though!

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