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    Hi everyone,
    I’ve never given RMBs to my dogs before but from what I’ve read on here they’d really like them. I’m still a bit hestitant. I have 2 beef neck bones that I’d like to give 2 of my dogs but I don’t know if they are OK. The dogs are a 13yo Lhasa 16lb and a 2yo Chi 10 lb.
    What do people think? Is it OK? Thanks

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    I actually haven’t seen a beef neck bone before, but I have given my pugs a cut up pork neck. I thought it was rather hard so I don’t give them anymore. For your size dogs, I might give chicken thighs/drumsticks/wings/necks/feet or duck necks/feet and small pork baby back ribs.

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    OK thanks I’m glad I didn’t do it. I went out to the store and got them some chicken wings and they absolutely loved them. They will be getting something like that from now on.

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    My pugs love chicken wings and necks. I just strip the skin and extra fat off of the necks.

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