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    What is better for dogs, rice or potato’s? There are many different types of rice such as white or brown rice. On the other hand there are only two different types of potato usually found in dog food such as sweet potato or the normal potato. What is better for dogs to eat? Is rice really that bad for for dogs? Also what about oatmeal, is that any better then rice and potato’s?

    My dogs have very sensitive stomachs, should I avoid grains altogether or potato’s? What about oatmeal, is that any good for dogs with a sensitive stomach?

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    Dogs with gastric upsets should be on high protein medium fat with limited carbohyrdrates & fiber. I prefer grounded white rice, brown rice has more fiber as it has bran in it, I dont use potatoes as my boy has allergies, Potates are no goods for yeast problems, also Ive found kibbles with potatos or sweet potatos are more hard, even when Ive sook them in water after 1 min they are still real hard, no good for digesting. Oatmeal & rice are easier to digest….I feed my boy a low residue kibble that breaks up very easy. When I add water the kibble is soft within 3 sec, then I drain the water out..I give boiled chicken, pumkin & half boil egg mashed up for breakfast giving his tummy a rest, then his kibble for dinner..his kibble is chicken turkey & grounded rice..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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