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    Eileen G


    With the latest barrage of internet ads that are constantly popping up on web browsers and phone apps, I am seeing a new generation of Pre-Prepared frozen meals being sent to your door. Mostly human food for those cooking for 1 or 2 people.

    However, I have recently begun seeing subscriptions to fresh “homemade style” dog food that you can purchase and have mailed to your home on ice
    Specifically, the food Nom Nom Now Has anyone tried it? Is Dog Food Advisor planning to review it? I’m just wondering if it’s safe and whether it will provide the necessary nutrients to my 70lb finicky German Shepherd.

    Thank you!

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    Ronald B

    I see where there are reviews for The Farmer’s Dog and Evermore subscription companies. We tried samples, our Miniature Schnauzer didn’t seem to like them. I did like that you could see the ingredient sourcing and they really did look/smell like human grade food.

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    Sanda B

    I would like to see you do a review of the pros and cons of The Farmers Dog packaged dog food. How it compares to other foods and if it’s worth the price?

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    Ronald B

    Sandra – While I think that a review about something “worth the price” is subjective and not really worth much. As for a comparison to other foods, I think that having transparent information on sourcing of ingredients is one of our first steps in deciding on a food for our family members. Not everyone agrees, and there is lot of support for “make your own” (which we tried as well). That said, we’re on a fixed budget, so we go for what we think is the “best” that we can afford. There are other websites that do reviews and one of the best is and Hope this helps.

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