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    I’m looking at online options and came across ReelRaw but can’t find any reviews on it. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with the company and/or with their products? TIA!

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    I order from them. I order their 10lb bags of ground & beef rib bones. My only complaint is that when you order, you don’t know when the food will arrive. If you need it now, I suggest emailing Rich first, asking for arrival date.

    Other online options: Hare Today (I buy mainly from them), Raw Feeding Miami & My Pet Carnivore (I haven’t used them yet).

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    I order from them all the time. Yes they do have reviews on yelp. I actually wrote one for them. I think they have about 10 reviews.

    They email you within 12 hours after placing the order a shipping date.

    The food comes in a big coolor frozen in ice. Heck the meat is all organic and grass fed heck I even eat it myself. ha…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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