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    It’s been awhile since I ordered from Reel Raw out of Maine and I could swear their mixes (meat, organ and bone), 10 pounds for $29.99, came in beef and chicken only. I just went to their site and they have those plus pork, turkey and a combo (beef, chicken, turkey and pork).

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    I really hope I can get mom to start ordering for this site. The $150 (50 lbs of ground mixes) an order for us to have free shipping is a bit of a turn off though lol But I love how cheap the mixes are, and that it includes beef! Beef is so dang expensive, and of course Bentley is a red meat kind of dog. At least he likes pork! LOL Oh and the duck necks look pretty exciting, too!

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    ground raw isnt cheap any way you look at it, unless you want to go with Blur Ridge Beef

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    It can be when meat is made of gold locally and you can get just about anything you want for $3 a pound online LOL Especially when it’s a complete mix. It’ll be cheaper to do the ground complete mixes than it is to sale shop on meat and use SSLL for Bentley. He doesn’t eat much, thankfully.

    I’ll have to look at Blue Ridge. How are their prices and shipping?

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    Hi Inked Marie,

    I’m new to the forums so I apologize for trolling an older post of yours! I was hoping you’d see this as I’ve been reading your posts for awhile now and I’ve noticed you’re located in New England. Any reviews or advice you could offer on how Reel Raw is working for you and your dogs? I am located in Maine so picking somewhere local to source my raw goodies would be absolutely ideal. Currently we shop through Hare Today which is incredible but I would like to move things more local. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you.
    -Coonhound Mama

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    Hello CM!
    I use mostly Hare Today; I prefer their products. I do use some Reel Raw too. I use grinds, they’re a little fattier than Hare’s. My older two dogs (we just got a puppy last week) do just fine on their grinds. I buy the ten pounders, defrost then repackge but not in the summer (I hate defrosting when it’s warm). I love their beef rib bones too!
    Give them a try! Where in Maine are you, if you don’t mind me asking?

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    Hi InkedMarie,

    Thanks for your response and congratulations on the new puppy! I am located in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Just moved here a year ago so I’m trying to find some places nearby that will be cost effective. Thanks for sharing your advice regarding Reel Raw. I have read some other reviews that have noted the noticeably higher fat percentage, so I think for now we will stick with Hare Today. Our pup is a 5 year old shelter dog whom we’ve only had for three months, so for right now we are still doing a slow transition to raw. She’s been kibble fed her whole life! We’ve started out on the bone, organ and meat grinds which seems to be going very well. If I can muster up enough courage to start her on some edible bones (other than recreational bones) I will certainly take your advice and try the beef rib bones!

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    CM: duck or turkey necks would be good too. You can use RR, just use Hare as well (it’s what I do and I need to order from RR).

    OOB is beautiful. I live in Gilford NH (if you’ve been to the Meadowbrook…I’m not too far)

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    Marie: Do you have any recommendations on where to find duck or turkey necks? I will be saving the Thanksgiving turkey odds and ends for her of course, but is there somewhere I could try that would offer those? I am thinking we will try turkey necks first as she’s a big girl and has a tendency to inhale food. And yes, I have been to Gilford! Lovely place. Wonderful to meet people from my general area who share common interests.

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    CM: yes, Reel Raw Dog has necks!! Definitely do the turkey necks! Nice to “meet” you too!

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    Ashley H

    How much are you guys spending a month on raw? how large is your dog? how often do you rotate grind proteins?

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    I feed two dogs raw only (one is 32lbs, other was 26.9 yesterday) and my third dog who is 30lbs, eats 2-3 meals of raw a week.

    The two larger dogs get around 4.3oz a meal and the smaller one gets about 4.6-5oz a meal
    (It’s not exact)

    I don’t buy from Reel Raw anymore, I buy from Hare Today. I order once every 6 weeks or so, I always buy 55lbs at a time and with shipping, it runs $235-$300 depending on what proteins I get. I typically have 15 pounds left in the freezer when I order.

    I switch proteins every day and mine get two days of red meats then one day of white meat.

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    Megan L

    I’m getting ready to switch to a raw diet (first timer) and also live in Maine (Gardiner) I was thinking of using Reel there a reason you don’t use them any more? I have also looked at Hare today but hate to pay for shipping

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    Hi Megan,
    I like the selection at Hare better. I only use grinds and I think Hare was $10-$15 more than Reel Raw and that was getting 10 pounders from Reel Raw. To be honest, it’s such a big chunk of meat to thaw and repackage. Hare also offers money off at times, have monthly specials and they have rewards. Also, Reel Raw’s shipping is difficult for me. I can order and have no idea of when it will arrive until the shipping email arrives. It can arrive anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks. With Hare, I know in minutes when it will arrive. Reel Raw’s grinds appear to be fattier than Hare.

    I suggest doing “mock orders” through both and see if there is a price difference. Happy to answer any other questions!

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    Have you tried their pre measured service ? I was thinking about starting my dog on raw and using that service.

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