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    heather k

    My male dog had been to the vet in December and then he had white blood cells and blood in his urine. His ph level was 7.5 at the time.. the doctor also did blood work and all blood work came back ok except high white blood cell count and I dont remember his number though. And the xrays he did showed no stones but something that loom like sludge/sediment per the vet. He was pushing me to go a special food but right now wasn’t necessary unless the antibiotics didnt clear it up. Which the antibiotics did clear it.
    Now 2 months later I took in another urine sample his ph level is 8 and he had blood and white blood cells in his urine again meaning another uti. Except this time two vets put me down for feeding my dog 4health dog food saying its a bad food and they should be on Purina. But with argument we changed the subject.
    both times my dog has had trouble urinating either going a little or not at all and straining and going alot small amounts to just a couple dribbles. I know thisnis normal from what I’m being told.
    my question is now the vet has Aries on science diet urinary care c/d. And I’m willing to try it but I cant seem to get him to eat it.
    And us there anything I can do to stop him from getting the yti?
    I seen people post about Cranberry supplements, Vitamin c helping. How much and what kind.
    sorry I was just very uncomfortable with the vet today who wasnt my usual vet.
    thanks again

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    Please use the search engine under sign in to look up “bladder stones”. and ” struvite” lots of information there that you may find helpful.

    Has he had an x-ray/ultrasound to rule out bladder stones? Because, they can have more than one type of stones. This also. can result in recurrent urinary tract infections.

    Add water to the kibble, and also presoak the kibble in water overnight in the fridge prior to serving.
    Offer frequent bathroom breaks/opportunities to urinate, keep the bladder flushed. Stagnant conditions in the bladder are conductive to stone formation.

    Don’t free feed, 2 or 3 small meals a day is better and always have fresh water available. Maybe add a little plain chicken broth (no onion) to the kibble.

    A blocked urethra is a medical emergency and can result in surgery to save the dog’s life.
    Did the vet talk to you about prescription meds for stubborn cases? Don’t confuse supplements with medication.


    Work with your vet, prescription food and all, when the dog has been stable for 6 months to 1 year you can discuss diet changes.

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    From a previous post:


    “Struvite stones form in urine with a high pH (alkaline urine), diets should help to maintain a low pH (acidic urine). Diets with animal-based protein sources are most important in maintaining an acidic pH, while vegetarian or cereal-based diets are more likely to cause and alkaline urine”.

    “With Calcium Oxalate stones, a high protein diet can cause stones by increasing calcium in the urine. It lowers urinary pH and can increase uric acid. High quantities of animal protein can contribute to stone formation by increasing urinary calcium and oxalic acid excreting and by decreasing urinary citric acid excretion”.

    “Your should increase your dog’s water consumption to help dilute the urine. You can do this by adding water to your dog’s food, it should look like wet mush. Avoid table scraps when caring for an oxalate stone-forming dog”.
    “Depending on the kind of stone, you either want more, or less protein, and lower in fat (3 -8%). Be sure to check with your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet”.

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    marilyn s

    My 9 year old overweight mini poodle has re occuring bladder stones and the vet has recommended Royal Canin Urinary SO moderate calories and NOTHING else. She is also on Baytril 68mg 1.5 tabs once a day. Has anyone had sucess with this? She does not like this dog food. Her cultures came out fine.

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