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    jenny p

    I have a 60 lb German Shepherd/ lab mix who is having loose stools with Acana. I was told that maybe she needs a lower protein lower fat food. Any recommendation on a kibble ?

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    Zignature is a quality kibble, a more reasonable choice would be Pro Plan Focus sensitive skin and stomach. Unless you are using a prescription food, I don’t trust how accurate labels on dog food are. I go by how the dog does on the food.
    So, trial and error, see what your vet recommends.

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    Hi Jenny,
    Acana is very rich dense kibble, my boy wouldn’t be able to eat Acana, it has organ meats & Lentils, Acana is excellent if you have a dog who can handle all these ingredients…She might be sensitive to an ingredient as well,
    Have a look for formula’s that have sweet potatoes, potatoes after the meat proteins, do not feed any formula’s that have chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans) or Lentils as these ingredients can cause intestinal stress like they do in humans…

    My boy has IBD, Food Sensitivities & Skin Allergies & finally I tried “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain, Roasted Lamb formula, people in the EPI & IBD Face Book groups were having really good results with TOTW & it has been excellent with my boy IBD, TOTW Roasted Lamb is my go to kibble if my boy starts doing sloppy poos while eating another brand kibble, also “Canidae” Pure formula’s & Canidae’s new All Life Stages, Turkey Meal & Brown rice large breed limited ingredient formula… https://www.canidae.com/dog-food/products

    But first if your near a “Tractor Supply” shop get a small bag of “4Health” Special Care, Sensitive Stomach, it has a GSH picture on the front of the white kibble bag, the 4Health Sensitive Stomach formula has limited ingredients, Egg & Potato really good when a dog has stomah/bowel problems & then rotate & slowly introduce “4Health” Special Care, Sensitive Skin formula it’s Hydrolyzed Salmon or try the 4health Turkey & Potato it’s in the brown kibble bag, just make sure you read the ingredient list as all formula’s have different ingredients…. the fat is around 14% & protein is around 24% it depends which formula you get, start with a formula that has the least ingredeints cause she may have food sensitivies….read the ingredient list to the Acana formula she’s eating & try & aviod some of those ingredients when you pick a new formula’s around 15%-fat & 26%-protein no higher.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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