Recommendations for Hi-Pro dry for hunting/sporting breeds?

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    LD L

    Newbie here, just joined this site. I’m currently researching some possible options to replace my Diamond Performance food. I searched (clicked) around on this site but didn’t really find anything that could quickly get me any ideas? with out clicking through a lot of links? For the moderators – I would like to suggest breaking down the Editors Choices even more if possible i.e. HiPro, Overweight, Adult, Allergies, Puppies, categories, etc… I’m not trying to be critical, just some thoughts.

    Thanks, LD

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    Off the top of my head, Nutrisource Performance and Super Performance and Small/med Breed Puppy formulas come to mind. Also, Dr Tim’s Pursuit, Momemtum and Kinesis formulas. Annamaet Ultra & Small Breed All Life Stages formulas. Victor Hi-Pro. They are all above-average/high in protein and high in fat.

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    Hi LD L,

    Thanks for your suggestion. Lists like these would certainly be a valuable addition to our member’s area. So, I’ve added it to our To Do list for future consideration. Thanks again for taking the time to share this this idea.

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    Take a look at Dr Tim’s and Victor.

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