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    Henry C

    Hi All,

    I’ve been giving my dog Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Jerky Treats for a year or so. My dog like this treat a lot but the price seems high for the quantity you get. I paid about $10 a bag for 3.25 oz which doesn’t last long. I’m trying to find an alternative to Blue Buffalo with another reputable brand. Thanks

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    the only jerky treats I’m comfortable with are from The Honest Kitchen but they’re probably more expensive. I rarely give them (I’m not big on treats here) so the cost isn’t a big deal for me. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

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    I’ve never looked at BB Jerky treats-as I don’t consider them to be a reputable brand at all.

    Are they a chew treat or a training treat? For a jerky “chew” I use The Honest Kitchen Beams or a tendon chew-jerky like (Best Bully Sticks has plenty to choose from) for a jerky treat to break up for training, I use Ziwipeak, Real Meat, or Boulder Dog Food company.

    Again, if you let us know what you’re using them for, there may be many more options, I use a variety of chews and the treats I’ve used for training seem endless. Remember a few things-hold your treat company to the same standards as food as far as sourcing, ingredient transparency, etc… and keep treats to under 20% of their weekly caloric intake. I do so much training and they get chews a few times a week, that I have to keep close tabs on this, one of mine especially can get chunky real fast

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    I’ve used or still use Ziwipeak air-dried food and Vital Essentials freeze dried niblets as treats. Wellness has several treats to chose from as well and Instinct has biscuits and freeze dried Boost bites.

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    Cheryl N

    My dogs love “Betsy’s Farms” Chicken Jerkies. The ingredients look good and claim all ingredients are from USA. Any comments. are they good for my girls?

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    You might want to check out this thread for some more information regarding Betsy Farms jerky treats. /forums/topic/betsy-farms-jerky/

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