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    Hello all

    I’v one month with my new Afghan male puppy. Right now he’s 3 months old and I’m researching about what could be the best food for this breed.

    Any recommendation from anybody that has an Afghan and got the best results? Canidae? Buffalo? Innova?

    Does anybody can recommend me where can I found this information about what I need to search in a food for an Afghan hound?

    Best regards


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    I wouldn’t recommend any of the foods you’ve listed. Canidae and Blue Buffalo are both Diamond brands, who is know for terrible quality control and equipment repair, and Innova (along with EVO and Califorina Natural), are owned by Mars, who also makes brands such as Pedigree and Iams, and of course, human candy bars.

    What I do recommend is that you head over to the Diet and Health section, and check out the Large and Giant Breed Puppy Food list. These are all reputable brands that all contain the proper amounts of calcium and phosphorus for growing large breed puppies. The most up to date list is near the end of the thread.


    Good luck with your new puppy! Post some pics, too! I love Afghans 🙂

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    Hello Akari_32

    Thanks for your response. There’s a lot of info about this issue, I’m still reading about it. Does the Afghan is considered large or giant breed in order to decide puppy food?
    What’s your food brand recommended for Afghan puppy?

    Here’s a picture of Dario:

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