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    Have been feeding my diabetic dog EVO weight management “lowest carbohydate” dry food for 3 years. Her insulin dosage is stable based on her stringent diet. When the EVO was recalled in March, I managed to keep her fed because of the kindness of my retailer who gave me all of the samples they had that did not have the recalled lot numbers. The day I ran out of food, I found another retailer some distance away who had pulled all the recalled EVO and said he had received the new supply of EVO weight management in the 28 pound size. I drove the distance, paid a hefty amount for the food and rejoiced that I had my dog’s regular food (I mix some shredded boneless skinless chicken breast that I bake on the kibble for some flavoring). I felt confident that her levels would remain stable. Well this evening I got the dog advisor alert that the recall had been expanded. Does this apply to the EVO that has just been redistributed to the retailers? I have fed my dog from this bag three times already. Thanks for your help.

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