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    Thomas K

    I am wondering what would be the most reasonably priced Large Breed Puppy food that is of good quality?

    While i’d like to say that price doesn’t matter, the reality is whether its for our own well being or that of our pets, unless you are just one of the fortunate few to have a fat checkbook, price does matter.

    any recommendations for good food with more recent reviews would be nice. My breeder recommends Iams Large Breed. this food will be for a Lab puppy.


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    I suggest you go to the Diet & Health Issues forum here on DFA. On top, highlighted in yellow, is a stickie on Large breed puppy food. Read it, there is a list of appropriate foods for your pup.

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    Thomas K

    There are nearly 1700 posts in that topic you pointed me too. More specifically I am asking for a list of some sort that is ordered by cost to feed. Feeds can cost anywhere from $1.00/lb to $2.5/lb or more.

    That’s a huge swing. so back to the heart of my question, is there anywhere on this forum where there is a break down of quality foods from a cost perspective.

    Maybe its somewhere in that topic on large breed dogs, if it is, pointed to the page # would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Hopefully someone will post the link to the list. I don’t think there is anywhere here a list of cost. Cost varies from store to store, even within the same town. Then there is online shopping which alot of us do.

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    Here’s a link to the list of foods Hound Dog Mom compiled that have appropriate Calcium levels for large and giant breed puppies.

    I had a link to a document that breaks down foods by price based on star rating, but it’s several years old by now. I’d suggest you look at the link above, see what looks good to you and start researching prices at the places you prefer to shop.

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    Budget friendly is somewhat relative. From a quick glance at the list DogFoodie linked (which I would absolutely pick something from that list, and read a few of the articles linked in that thread as well to familiarize yourself) Ones that I consider fairly budget friendly:

    Dr Tims
    Fromm Gold

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    Thomas K

    I have calculated the following.

    Calcium Content Analyzer

    1.58 % Calcium
    1.04 % Phosphorus
    3400 kcal / kg

    Calcs therefore at Calcium = 4.6 g per 1000 kcal
    Ca to P ratio = 1.5 to 1

    This is for Whole Earth Farms Puppy Food. Suppose to be fit for all sizes of puppys.

    Is this ok? its close to recommended levels of 4.5 g per 1000 kcal and a ratio of 1.5:1

    Thoughts? I have this food available locally and its reasonably priced.

    Does this food work for a large breed lab puppy?


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