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    Wendy E

    Need help saving my dog with an aggressive cancer cells that replicate quickly. Real food diet and supplements. Surgery removed a mass two weeks ago and got it all but mew bump is forming. Don’t want to do chemo.

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    Please, listen to the vets that are treating your dog, go to a specialist.
    The homeopathic vets will take your money for miracle cures, it’s all bogus.

    Whatever you do, I hope you don’t fall down the homeopathic rabbit hole.

    I lost a dog to hemangiosarcoma, a rare aggressive form of cancer, tends to come on suddenly between ages 8 to 10.
    Minimal treatment options. It’s genetic, for the most part.
    The only thing my dog would eat the last month of her life was boiled chicken meat.


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    Look into balanceit dot com. I would also look and see if you can find any books written by veterinary nutritionists. I would also use the search feature on this page and search “cancer diets” and see if anyone has covered this before.

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    Lori H

    Hi Wendy,

    I worked with a man named Rick Scheyer. He has an amazing website http://www.doglivershunt.com He has helped many dogs with liver shunt, kidney disease, bladder stone problems and much, much more become healthy dogs again. I would suggest reaching out to him for a free consultation. My dog was diagnosed with multiple problems (liver failure, bladder stones, Diabetes, and possible Cushing’s Disease) last May and as of today, he is a healthy, happy, 10 year old dog who is no longer in liver failure. He was placed on a real food diet along with supplements and he is completely healthy.

    Cancer is a whole different issue, but I trust that Rick will point you in a direction where he can help or he will let you know who might.

    Good luck on your journey with your fur child.


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    Hi Wendy,
    So sorry for what your going thru..
    Google & look up “Ketopets”
    are you on facebook? follow “Rodney Habib” look for his Video’s “The Truth About Cancer” his dog Sammy had an agressive cancer when she was 14yrs old, now she is 17yrs old she’s is what made Rodney travel the world doing research about cancer, this is when he found Ketopets, Ketopets were saving dogs from pounds/shelters that were surrender who had cancer, what happened next was amazing all these pound dogs that were left for death survived & then Ketopets had to find them homes its a beautiful story & where they live is also a beautiful stress free place, Rodney did an interview with the founder of Ketopets follow “Ketopets” on their f/b page..They will help you, if you live close they also take in dogs aswell…
    The Ketopet diet is on the Ketopets site, I thought I saved it, I cant find it, if you dont find the Ketopet diet, I’ll look & find it for you, its a high protein, high fat, very little carbs diet blended with green veggetables & beets…
    Make your dog has a happy stress free as possible & DO NOT FEED any KIBBLE, NO vet diets…
    Kibble is very high in carbs cancer loves carbs..

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