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    Well it look like my original thread was closed to new replies and feel free to delete this one if creating it is out of bounds, but I just wanted to comment on some of the suggestions.

    Other than the grass eating, neither dog is exhibiting GI symptoms. I dealt with drooling and licking associated acid reflux issues with my 8 year old Chance back in February. I had previously tried switching them to Zignature (which made the acid reflux worse). The issues stopped after switching him to the Fromms. So I’m hesitant to switch him to another brand because the drooling and paw licking was out of hand before.

    I did receive a new bag of the food from Chewy on March 24th. I wonder if it’s just a bad bag.

    It’s strange that it’s happening to both dogs. I would have chalked it up to Chance’s acid reflux, had two year old Lexa not been eating grass, too. Both dogs are eating normally and still enjoy a treat now and then. There’s no drooling or vomiting or any outward sign of distress and that makes it so frustrating. I called my vet. He suggesting trying a new food (he ‘recommended’ royal canin, which is what they sell in their office– no surprise there) to see if the grass eating stops and to make an appointment if they start showing signs of GI distress. He also said that I could have gotten a bad batch of the food.

    I guess I’d have to start with transitioning the food over (which is a shame because I think the Fromms was really helping to slim them down) to something more easily digestible and see if it makes a difference.

    Thanks for all the suggestions and sorry that the thread veered off topic.

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    Glad you have a vet that you feel comfortable working with.
    The thread was not removed, as far as I can tell?
    Your vet confirmed our suspicions, that the food may be the culprit.

    This is not veterinary advice; consult your veterinarian.

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    The bottom of the thread says that it’s closed to new replies.

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    Oops! I didn’t notice that.
    Best of luck.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Christie:
    Both of my dogs always enjoyed eating grass. Their favorite is licking the feed tubs and scraps left on the mats after my horses’ meals. They didn’t eat grass daily or ferociously, just looked like they enjoyed the flavor.

    However, my current dog does seem more excited about the alfalfa scraps from my horse’s meal. When he’s eating the scraps he has such a content look on his face; it must be quite tasty to him.

    Hopefully it is just a bad bag of food and you don’t have to search for something new. My dog does well on a few Fromm recipes too. If you do switch foods perhaps look for one that is similar in GA %’s and protein sources. I feed several brands of kibble and all the recipes are similar in fat%, protein%, fiber%, kcals/C, and digestibility. He tends to gain weight if I veer to far of course!

    I have fed Rx foods in the past for health issues and would not hesitate to do it in the future. It addressed the health issue and I was able to switch back to an OTC food after they were healed.

    Good luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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