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    Hi. I know prescription/veterinary medical therapeutic diets are never “ranked” here (i.e. given stars), but I was wondering why there isn’t a page for Rayne Clinical Nutrition on DFA.

    I’d like to learn more about the company and see what experiences others may have had with it.

    I have seen it mentioned on DFA in passing, but I otherwise never hear about this company and do not know much about the company and its formulas. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a vet reference it. Is it new or foreign or something? But it focuses on veterinary prescription diets?

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    joanne l

    I never heard of it. Are you looking for a RX diet? Purina has a Rx diet as well. I heard good things about it.

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    Hi joanne. No, I was just generally curious seeing the mention on this site of a vet prescription therapeutic diets line that I had not heard of.

    I called, and they told me that they originated outside the U.S. and have only been in the U.S. for about 2 yrs, primarily on the east coast.

    They appear to sell some exotic protein allergy diets (among other therapeutic diet needs) with significantly higher protein and fat than typical rx allergy novel or hydrolyzed protein diets that I’ve seen. Should all other things be equal w/the company & its formulas, that interestingly might provide a good option for dogs that from life stage/other reason have nutritional requirements exceeding lower maintenance minimums.

    They include legumes/GF among formulas, which for now might still warrant extra caution and veterinary consideration, until we have further research and knowledge.

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    Joseph G

    I have been using Rayne Nutrition Kangaroo dry food and canned food for several years now. My dog has severe allergies to the environment and dietary products as well. Before putting my dog on the Rayne food, she would have awful stomach and intestinal issues with frequent diarrhea. Food allergies often show up as intestinal disturbances and not just skin. The Rayne food has been a blessing because it is the only food I’ve tried (other than KOHA canned kangaroo, which is also great) that works exceedingly well. She hasn’t had one issue with diarrhea and her poop is always perfect. Her skin has improved in spite of still be allergic to outdoor things like grass, pollen, etc. It is an amazing food. It is a whole-food based food and isn’t like the other prescription vet formulas. They use extremely high-quality ingredients. I highly recommend them. Google Rayne Nutrition. You can order online.

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    Sherrie D

    Hi. My frenchie had pyoderma with skin eruptions which turned into a systemic infection. Every vet we went to put him on a different antibiotic and none of them worked to get rid of the infection. Finally we went to a dermatologist who did testing for allergies . After another round of antibiotics that didn’t work he had a special test done which showed my dog had a particular strain that did not react to any of the previous drugs. He put him on Rayne Rabbit Maintenance diet and ever since he has had loose stools even though we changed over to the Rayne food very gradually. I tried added boiled white rice to firm up his stools, with uneven success. I had previously given him Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried Lamb and his stools were fine. I had originally thought the Stella & Chewy had caused the skin allergies, but now I think his allergies are environmental. I understand that Rayne is very particular about the way they process their food so it’s very clean and they don’t contaminate different ingredients, but I would love to know if anyone else has had the experience of it causing loose stools.

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    Joseph G


    My dog has been on Rayne Nutrition kangaroo dry and wet food for her allergies and she does great with it. I tried my dog on their rabbit food before and her stools seemed okay, too. Just about every other brand of food I tried from other companies causes issues. I would suggest maybe calling up Rayne Nutrition and ask for some advice.
    They have Veterinarian Nutritionists on staff and may be able to offer some recommendations. Sometimes dogs have issues if they previously consumed a protein and developed an allergy to it. You can’t always go by a food allergy skin test, because they are not very accurate for food. Only a food elimination diet can do that. Keep In mind it can take app. a month to see if a new food is going to work for your dog. But I would definitely call Rayne and ask for advice in cooperation with your vet. I have been very happy with their food and it is very good compared to other foods on the market.

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    Joseph G

    If your dog does have environmental allergies, the food still makes a difference because dogs show signs of environmental allergies through their skin and GI tract as well. It’s possible the Stella and Chewy’s didn’t cause issues because sometimes raw is easier to digest and/or the lamb protein was one your dog was not previously exposed to or did not develop an allergy to. I’m not sure if Rayne has a lamb formula. You could always try the kangaroo, assuming your dog never had it before. It’s a really good food and great for dogs with skin allergies due to high omega fatty acids naturally in the meat, yet it is lower in fat that most meats.

    One more thing. If after trying everything and you’re still not having luck, they make a sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy for dogs which has the same effects as getting allergy shots, but no shot is required and only a liquid is squirted in the mouth. I did this for about a year with my dog and it helped. She has severe allergies. My dog is now also on Apoquel which is a medication your vet would need to prescribe. Certainly not as natural as the sublingual therapy, but if your dog is bad enough and nothing else works it can be a lifesaver. Further, they also have a shot your vet can give once a month or so and it is similar to Apoquel, but supposedly a bit safer. It’s is called Cytopoint. My dog actually does better on the Apoquel, but every dog is different. Please check with your regular vet. You may or may not need to see a derm vet depending on what you do.

    Here’s a link regarding a few things I discussed:

    Sub-Lingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)


    Monthly Injection

    Good luck!!

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    Michelle A

    My dog eats the Kangaroo low fat kibble which I mix with the Kangaroo wet. She loves it. Her stool is so much better than it used to be. She has environmental and food allergies. You may want to switch from Rabbit as it just may be too rich for your dogs stomach. I have not tried the rabbit on Rayne, but I used to use the Rabbit by Nature’s Variety and even though it is a high grade food, it was too rich for my dogs belly. I like Rayne. It is expensive, but a better more well dog is worth it.

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