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    It would be too much calcium and an off-ratio of Ca/Ph in the end product. Have you tried Urban Wolf? I want to try that one next. And I emailed them and they said just to use muscle meat too. I just made a batch with CarnivoreRaw with the bone-in product.

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    Thanks Sandy! That’s what I thought, but I wanted to be sure. I haven’t tried Urban Wolf yet, I just got my See Spot Live Longer dinner mix and will be trying that soon. I’ve been using the Grandma Lucy’s and I still have Dr. Harvey’s Veg to Bowl that I haven’t used yet.

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    When I travel since I live in a camper trailer right before I know we are getting ready to go I’ll empty my small deep freeze (by feeding the dog not throwing it out) and not buy anything else. Most of the time we only travel 2 or 3 days max depending on where the next job is. I’ll then buy a pork picnic usually around 10lbs this lasts my dog about 2 days of chomping on. I have a designated dog cooler in the back of my truck since in the morning my dog eats out on the job site so I just throw it in there after with some ice and keep on trucking. There is always some sort of half eaten, covered in dirt, slimy, piece raw meat in the back of the truck. Works well for me.

    If I ever need another piece of meat I just stop at a grocery store and grab a whole chicken or another large cut of meat and do the same thing.

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    Hello, I have a 3-yr-old golden retriever, and I am planning to switch him to a prey-model diet within the next couple months. The deciding factor of whether to start in January or December is my travel plans. Essentially, I am in college, so if I started him on raw next month, I would feed him grass fed animals from the butcher here for three weeks, then I would somehow have to work out food for the 1 week during Christmas break at my parents’ place, then the two weeks I will spend in Raleigh, NC afterward. I don’t want to start him on a raw diet here for a few weeks, just to switch to dehydrated or lesser raw meat so soon in the beginning. Should I just wait till all the traveling is over before starting him on raw? I don’t want to put undo stress on his immune system. He is a guide dog, so he will be going everywhere with me, including on the plane to and from Raleigh, and I’m not sure if switching to raw around this time is a good idea. Also, if I were to continue feeding him raw in my hometown and Raleigh, could I get him raw meat from a grocery store? Would this be a good idea? If so, what kinds of meats should I look for and stay away from?
    Thank you.

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    I would wait to switch. Some dogs get stool issues when switching and that would not be pleasant while traveling, especially by plane. Rather than starting with prey model, you might want to consider using a premix that you just add boneless meat to, to start out with. Regardless of how you decide to start, most recommend picking just one type of protein to start with, like chicken, then feed just that for a couple weeks, then switch to beef and so on. Don’t start with very fatty types of meat, like mutton or high fat ground beef, wait on those until you know how he is doing on raw. Any meat from the grocery store is still leaps and bounds better than what goes into kibble so yes, use grocery store meats. Just remember, feeding raw is a lot more than just handing the dog a chunk of meat.

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    GoldenGuide, If you do decide to switch and then travel, there are plenty of great local pet stores in the Raleigh area that carry raw foods and premix diets. There are also plenty of local butchers offering locally-sourced, healthy meats and animal parts.
    I live about 30mins from Raleigh and this is a very dog-friendly area with lots of healthy-looking dogs and owners who spend a lot of time [and money, apparently] on dog food [invariably the busiest aisle in the smaller pet stores and there are always customers wanting opinions chatting with workers].

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