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    stephanie b

    We just found out our Boston has some severe allergies to specific foods (sweet potatos, green peas, barley) we were looking to start on Darwins raw diet but also wanted a good quality kibble (pref grain free). Any suggestions?

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    Don’t feed the duck; they both have sweet potatoes. Every other one has yams; does anyone know if they’re the same as sweet potatoes in regards to dog allergies?

    For grainfree kibbles,I like Dr Tims, Annamaet, Farmina and Brothers. You’ll have to look and see what formulas might work.

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    stephanie b

    Thank you I will look into it!

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    stephanie b

    My problem is so many foods have peas and pea protein in them, one of my Boston’s major allergies.

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    Hi Stephanie-
    Have you checked out Nature’s Logic? It is not grain free, however. It uses millet as its binder. Many on this site love it. I have fed a couple of times with success, but it is a little too expensive for us to feed regularly. Good luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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