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    JILL N

    If I’m too beat up from the gym to take our GSD out for exercise or when the weather is prohibitive (Titan hates the rain), I exercise him with some major cardio by sitting at the top of the steps and throwing the ball down the steps. All I do is sit and throw while he races up and down the steps for 15-20 minutes! Wears him out for the rest of the night! He also plays soccer by himself in our unfinished basement. I’m always there to supervise cause he loves to crash his hard 2lb ball into the foundation structures. So if your dog likes this kind of play protect exposed pipes, water tanks, and furnace equipment etc. with something reinforced. Old mattresses, garage furniture, paint cans and large pieces of plywood work well. Hide & seek is also a great game to play with your dog. This is more mental exercise but just as rewarding for your dog but it’s so much fun and utilizes their natural hunting skills. Just hide very small treats (unsalted peanuts are cheap and small enough to hide a lot of them without creating a meal out of this game) around the house in weird places that he/she is allowed to explore. Try to stifle the urge to “tell” your dog where the treats are with verbal or body hints. Just sit back and enjoy the hunt!

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