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    Hey Mike,
    A suggestion….after reading about Jan losing her Stella, I thought that maybe we could have a Rainbow Bridge forum here, so when that happens, it can be posted there.

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    Hi Marie,

    That’s a great idea. However, what would be the most readily understood title for that forum. Do people universally recognize the meaning of the phrase, “Rainbow Bridge”.? Would “Pet Memorials” or “In Memorium” be better? Thanks for your suggestion.

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    That’s a good question for everyone here. I immediately recognize the Rainbow Bridge as what it’s meant for but maybe Pet Memorials would be better.
    Some people don’t like to read sad stuff so a separate forum might be good.

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    Hey, that’s a great idea. I’ll get on that right away. Thanks, Marie.

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    I think this is a great idea. I wanted to let everyone know about Stella, but at first wasn’t sure where to post it. I decided to put it in the health section. On the Cavalier forum I belong to they have a section for “In Memorium” but I think Pet Memorials would be good. I know it’s a sad topic and I avoid reading about it most of the time, but when it happened to me with Stella (and Desi) I found myself wanting to commiserate with other posters so I read some of the memorials. In that regard, I think it’d be a good addition to the forum. Thanks, guys. 🙂

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    Hi Jan,

    It seems like what happened this week to you and your sweet Stella has already lead to something of value inspired by her loss.

    Thanks to Marie’s suggestion, I’ve already created our new Pet Memorials forum. I’m certain that over time, this new forum will become a place to honor the memory of those pets who come after Stella, Desi and (our own) Penny.

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    Thanks again, Dr. Mike. If you want to move all the posts about Stella from the health section and put them in the Pet Memorial section that would be fine.

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    That would be great. However, I don’t believe the forum software will permit me to move your previous comments from the other thread. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    Oh, okay…I could repost there, but I think we’ll just leave it here, if that’s okay. I’m just not up to reposting about it yet. Thanks for all the hard work you do for all of us other dog lovers!

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    Bikos Buddy

    No sad story issued just a great pic of a great dog.


    oops or so I thought

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