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    I have a question both dogs have been on limited 6 by raehel ray and have been doing great I thought I would change over to the grain free one because it has reat reviews and is rated good it has been about a week of slowly trying to make the change over and one of my dogs started to vomit just here and there but last night there was spects of blood and this morning my other dog had loose stool with some blood like a colitis type I need to know if anyone else has had any problems with this food otherwise the both of them have had no other systoms of illness they both run around nothing other than that I hope this dont turn into another recall

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    As far as I know, there has been no recall of any Rachel Ray’s food. If your dogs were doing well on the Just 6 and not so well on the grain free it could be because they have an intolerance to something in the grain free that is not included in the Just 6. I don’t know the protein used in the Just 6, but the grain free uses Turkey, I believe. It could be a protein intolerance….or one of the other ingredients, too. I would just put the dogs back on the Just 6 flavor you were using and see how they do. I have a dog with intolerances/allergies and I can tell within a few days if a food is going to work, or not. I really can’t change her up, like I would like, so she eats pretty much the same kibble for a long period of time. To give variety, I give different brands of canned food (without her intolerant protein/ingredients) and cottage cheese, yogurt, sardines, etc.

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    The Just 6 uses Lamb Meal, but it’s only like 20 or 24% protein or something crazy low like that. I use it on occation for something different, but I wouldn’t use it all the time unless a medical need dictated you do so.

    The Zero Grain uses both turkey and chicken. This is also pretty low in protein (26%), and extremely low in calories (313 per cup). It’s not a bad food though. I’ve been fighting to get weight back on my oldest dog after being on this food for an extended period of time. Others have reported weight gain, as well. It’s very potatoe-y, and some dogs just can’t handle that. My grandma’s old toy breeds are doing really well on it, though.

    Definitely see about issues with turkey or chicken, or potatoes even, since the Just 6 uses sweet potatoes, I think.

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    I tried my schnauzer on Rachel Rays dry dog food and dog bones, and had to take both back to Smiths store where I purchased both. As my dog started vomiting and made her horribly sick, I thought she was dying. I will never buy her brand again. Just thought I would comment on her brand. I would be very careful .

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    Thank u for all the feed back they do fine on her just 6 limit ingrediance
    But her other foods did make them sick I am happy to say
    As soon as I put them back on their other food they cleared up
    And sre fine so deff wss the food and the only food that has
    Made them vimit and poo with blood in it so I will not
    Be using that food again the food advicer needs to di more
    Research on it cause they also gave it a 4 star rating

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    halo….the dogfoodadvisor rates food from the ingredient/analysis panel only. If Dr. Mike thinks the ingredients and analysis warrants a 4 star rating, i.e. enough protein percentage, decent ingredients, etc. then he will give it that rating. It really is up to us to try out foods and see how they do for our dogs. I actually use these ratings as a starting point (I want to feed 4 and 5 star foods to my dogs, for instance). I select certain foods and then I see if they work well for my individual dogs. So, just because your dogs did not do well with RR’s grain free doesn’t mean other dogs will not do well with it. No one food works for all dogs, of course. It may not be 4 stars for your dog, but to another it might be a 5 star. I’m not endorsing Rachel Ray’s food, as I don’t feed it but I just wanted to let you know how the food is rated on this site.

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