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    barbara s

    Anyone having problems with this dog food? My dog has exhibited excessive thirst and urination, licking & chewing himself, paws, arms & genital area. Initially thought it might be his tooth gel (tropiclean fresh breath) as I had accidentally squeezed too much into his mouth two days in a row. Vet offered no help, said not familiar with ingrediants even tho I read him the ingrediants. Called manufacturer, took two days to get the reply, we have not heard or experienced such a reaction. They did however take the lot number. I quit the tooth gel immediately. Continued his RR just 6. Excessive thirst, urination continued with an accident on the carpet. This has not happened since potty training & he is 5 years old. He had no other symptoms, gums were moist, no vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, lethergy, bloody urine or fruity breath. He remained alert & playful. I put him on home cooked meals….boiled chicken or 90/10 ground beef carotts & green beans. In 2 days symptoms dissapeared. Slowly began to mix RR just 6 into homemade. Symptoms reappeared. Back on home cooked. Any suggestions or comments?

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    The first thing I would do is stop the food. I’m no very familiar with the food..you said “Just 6″… Is this a limited ingredient food? Home cooked is fine but it must be balanced.

    I would make a vet appointment and bring in a urine sample. Can’t hurt to make sure nothing is going on. If your vet office will let you, just drop off a urine sample, stay while they run it.

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    Martha T

    Could be a lot of different reasons
    but excessive thirst is one sign
    of diabetes you might want
    to have someone else check him

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    barbara s

    Thanks everyone. Somehow this went to my spam folder. I did take my dog, Charlie to the vet w a urine sample. As a retired RN, I too thought about urinary tract infection or diabetes. He tests negative on both. Vet says maybe allergy…doesn’t seem to know much about dog food ingredients. Recommends what they sell but not at all familiar with what the ingredients are or what a dog requires in the way of nutrition. (Why am I not suprised, as someone here mentioned dog food manufacturers provide vets with dog for their own pets. Also, I had a vet serving his internship tell me the same. Groomers have told me the major dog food companies finance continuining education seminars for vets. I am slowly introducing him to the wegmans brand mentioned on this website. Charlie is doing well and I am so glad to have found this site. Thanks again to all. Barb

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    Hi Barbara,

    Is this food higher in protein that what your dog was eating previously? It’s my understanding that a dog will naturally drink more when switched to a food with higher protein as the body’s natural response to eliminate the unused protein.

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    barbara s

    I think I’ve figured out Charlies problem! Where I live our hoa fees include driveway plowing and shoveling of sidewalks. This year they also salted. I couldn’t let Charlie out the back door as snow was too high. Had to let him out the front. He had great fun climbing the high banks of snow the plow and shovlers created. However the snow was tainted blue from salt (this type of salt is considered safe for pets). I’m not so sure it is. I think he was licking the salt off his paws and underside causing the excessive thirst. The snow has melted enough that I was able to shovel out an area in the back. Giving him a bath today even tho he seems ok. Thanks again for all your suggestions and concern.

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