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    We’ve built an app that will identify harmful pet food ingredients and recalled pet food by simply using your phone to scan the barcode of the pet food product!

    My name is David Santa and I’m one of the founders of the Safe Pet Treats app. Our goal is to provide every pet owner in America with a tool to help protect their pets from harmful ingredients, recalled pet food and to raise awareness about the dangers in pet foods.

    Check out this quick video for more details.

    *Instantly identify harmful pet food ingredients
    *Instantly know if the product has been recalled by the FDA or manufacturer
    *Personalize and add up to 10 additional ingredients to avoid
    *Receive instant notifications as soon as a product has been recalled
    *Save time at the pet store by not having to read every single ingredient
    *Search for your favorite pet food product to see just how safe it is

    The app is free to try for 24 hours and after that it’s a small monthly or annual subscription. Currently our database consists of 36,000+ pet food products and it’s growing every day!

    We would love to know what the DogFoodAdvisor community thinks about the app so please let me know!

    Special thanks to DogFoodAdvisor for allowing us to post on their awesome website!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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