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    Just began feeding my dog, Evanger’s canned Hunk of Beef. Several of the cans made my dog very sick, no desire eating or drinking for 24 hours. Opening other cans found black color throughout and cutting meat. Showed to vet and told not to use anymore. I know some canned dog food manufacturers use what is called, ‘denaturing’ using a black dye, however, black dye does not permeate meat, unlike this. Any others experiencing this? Many Thanks.

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    I tried Evanger’s canned food a few years ago, no adverse effects noted. However, I read a bunch of negative comments about it so I stopped. I only use canned food as an emergency backup anyway.
    I find it is cheaper to buy meat, chicken, eggs and cook them up, chop into bite size bits, and add a little to a quality kibble, add water or presoak. Freeze chicken/meat servings in baggies.

    PS: I often check the reduced section at the local market for meat, no adverse effects noted, been doing this for many years.

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    I can’t answer your questions but I know this about Evangers:

    * they had food labeled one protein but that was not in the can, something else was
    * they were fined for not paying their employees overtime
    * they were caught stealing another companies electricity.

    They’re a sketchy company and they will never get a penny of my money.

    I hope your dog is ok.

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    Thank you, both, for your info. Thankfully, my dog is fine having disco’ed this product.

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