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    joanne l

    I had to start this topic b/c I had to ask people about top dog foods and regular dog foods. I got to thinking about this and wonder if the top brands really give quality foods? IMO if there is no regulation on dog food how are we getting top quality? You may hear companies say oh we have our own farm, I don’t know if I believe that b/c it takes a lot of money to have farms not to mention how much animals they need to make dog food. It takes a whole lot of chickens and cows and so forth to make dog food. I have a hard time believing this at all. I keep going back to regulations, if dog food is not regulated it can’t be top quality. Not that it is bad but definitely not top notch. To make kibble it is cooked at high temperatures and it will kill off any bacteria. These are not facts just my outlook on it. Our food is so expensive now a days so how are they providing top quality? It doesn’t make sense.

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    joanne l

    Does anyone know if pro plan is AAFCO approved? If not is this a bad thing??

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    Yes, Pro Plan has the AAFCO label.

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