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    Puppy came come at 8 weeks on medium size Royal Canin puppy. Because we had such success with Performatrin with out GSP (she lived till 15) I thought I would switch her to Performatrin Ultra Grain Free. The girl working at Pet Valu said it was good for all ages. She seems to like it but it has caused awful gas. Her stool are also quite soft and not as formed as when she was on Royal Canin. I preferred Performatrin as well because it was Canadian. Your thoughts on this food and a Portugese Water Dog puppy being on it please? Thanks 🙂

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    Because her gut is used to a food like RC, she may not have the probiotics or be producing the enzymes needed to digest the higher protein. For a couple weeks, give her a digestive supplement with probiotics and digestive enzymes. Her body should adjust, but there is a chance that she may continue to need the extra help.

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