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    I just saw this and noticed the chicken dinner was a 5 star. They also have the chicken,vegetables and brown rice and the small tubs(3.5oz) of the chicken dinner(real chicken pate) and the chicken dinner in gravy with peas and sweet potatoes. They also had the lamb and beef. Are all these 5 star? The 12.5 oz can is $1 and the small tubs are .68 cents. This is a good price. are they all 5 star?

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    I’d assume they’re high quality. Compare the ingredients to other 5 star foods on here, that might help.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi weezerweeks:
    I feed the canned 12.5 ounce Pure Balance stews and 95% meat varieties to my dog. I do not think their is a DFA rating for the 95% meat Pure Balance, but I believe it is the same quality as the stew and would rate as well.

    I have been feeding the Pure Balance canned for a while my dog loves them, does well on them, and I of course love the price.

    I haven’t seen the tubs that you mention yet. Next time I am at Wal-Mart I am going to see if they have them at my store. I know they just added a bison flavor to the Pure Balance GF kibble line.

    Wal-Mart and TSC drive me crazy because it takes them so long to update their websites with new products and not every Wal-Mart carries the same products.

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    I am currently feeding the beef, veges and rice as a topper on my dogs’ meals. I think it is a fabulous value. Dogs like it and I definitely like the price. I haven’t noticed the tubs either, but will check it out next trip. I would definitely recommend the canned.

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