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    Went to Wal mart picked up two bags of Pure Brand dry dog food.

    One bag of salmon and peas and one bag of chicken and brown rice..

    Came home and took Abby out for a walk at three, in the mean time the wife opened the bag and put almost two cut of the salmon dry food in her dish..

    When we came back in maybe 45 minutes later, she headed for her dish, as she usually does to get a drink of fresh water, her other dry food is always there but she seldom ate it.. This time she dove right in to the salmon dry food and finished it off, so I gave her another cup thinking maybe a mistake, she took to it and ate it all..

    Now the first 5 years of her life was spent elsewhere, then I took her in.. I was wondering if maybe the other owners gave her this type of dry food..I was thinking maybe this was why, maybe she had this food before I got her..

    Well I’ll see how this goes over the next few days..Either she’ll continue eating this product or snub it.. She never was a picky eater, she was at first when I got her, I guess I taught her some bad habits like cookies, ice cream, potato chips and a few more goodies..

    So thanks for the advice folks..


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