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    I’ve never purchased dog food online, is it safe? Do the products come to you in one piece? What about the heat and bugs? I live in South Florida the temperature fluctuates quite often.

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    Marietta B

    I purchase all of my dog food and treats online and I’ve had no problems at all. We have a vacation home in Florida and everything has arrived fine. I have found that it’s cheaper to buy online and I can find the “hard to find products” that local stores don’t carry. Chewy.com, wag.com and doggiefood.com are my favorite sites and they always have sales. Happy shopping!

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    I have no hesitation to buy online.

    Chewy.com and Wag.com, are my two favorites. Chewy in particular has excellent prices and outstanding customer service. If you ever have a problem with an order you place with them, they’ll make it right. Both Chewy and Wag have excellent return policies also.

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    Same here, no problems, great selections, and GREAT deals! Just yesterday petflow.com (one of MY favorites, along with the other sites listed above) had a crazy sale on The Honest Kitchen – 4 flavors, 2lbs each, $3.99 each (when they sell for about $22-$30-ish each!!!)!

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    Marietta B

    I saw that deal from Petflow! I was shocked. They run great specials.

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    I rarely buy food in person anymore. I’d like to shop local but I just can’t afford it. My choice for places to order is Chewy.com. I get my orders in one or two days. I’ve had some dented cans which I don’t care about but that’s it. Everything gets here in one piece. I’ve ordered frozen food from three different places & it arrives frozen solid.

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    Hi Tina

    I also live in FL and here is the consideration, if the food will be sitting on your porch for a few hours, will it be in shade and out of the weather? I have a deep porch so there is no chance that it will get damp and my house faces east. I used to live in a house that face west and once received a package that was well over 100 degrees by the time I got home.

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    My last few online orders have been from Petco. They have a lot of online specials and they also have their pet pals club where you get a $5 coupon for every $100 spent. I have bought my last couple bags of cat food and a case of canned dog food with no issues. Also have used Amazon and wag with no issues at all. It’s quite convenient. Go for it!

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    I discovered Orijen on this site, and chewy.com while looking for Orijen. Now I buy online and have no complaints.

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    cindy q

    I purchased from both wag.com and chewy.com. I purchased Honest Kitchen from wag.com and my dog wouldn’t eat it, wag.com paid the shipping to send it back and refunded my money. One of the cans of Merrick that was in a case of 12 opened and spilled out, they sent me a whole new case plus gave me a $15.00 credit for my trouble. They have great customer service.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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