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    My Maltese/ShiTsu 5 month old puppy won’t eat. I have tried most of the top brands on the market. He use to eat very well up until he reached his 5th month now its been 2 weeks and he barley eats at all. He still seems in good health and is going to the bathroom on a regular basis. Sometimes I hand feed him just to get him to eat something. Now he is on Nutri Cal. Every one tells me to leave him alone and he will eat when he is hungry. But I am very concerned. What is going on with him ? Please help.

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    What did the vet say? Any puppy that stops eating to the point that you say he needs nutrical, needs to be seen by a vet. He could have a myriad of issues, including a partial obstruction etc.

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    Hi thanks for replying so quickly. I agree with you. Eventhough I had him to the vet only 3 weeks ago when he had his Rabies shot. Since then his appetite has deminished. But I have an appointment for him tomorrow morning . He is also getting all new teeth. So hopefully that is the problem. I will let you know what the Vet says. Thanks again.

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    Please come back and let us know what the vet said. Have been thinking about you and your pup.

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    shelties mom
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    i wonder what happend to the pup here 🙂 i hope she found out the reason why it wasn’t eating and hope the pup now is eating well.

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    Hi everyone. Re puppy won’t eat. Well the Vet checked Spanky out and found him to be healthy. He is playing and his bowel movements are normal. He just dosnt like the food. So I have been giving him a really high end grain and cooking up chicken and beef giblets with some beef broth.
    He has been eating it. But not the same as he use to eat. It could be his teeth. When he is over my daughters house he will eat her dogs kibble but her dog is an adult. She gives her dog Pro Plan which is not the best.
    Tonight he ate scrambled egg and cheese. He gobbled it down. Not sure what else to do. Hope he grows out of this stage. Any other suggestions will be welcomed.
    Thanks for thinking about Spanky.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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