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    We have a great dane mix puppy at our rescue who was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy Disease. She is currently being fed scrambled eggs, rice and chicken broth. Her first vet said to feed her kibble that is low protein and whatever she will eat. Her new vet is very adamant that she has a very delicate system so we need to be very careful what we feed. It all fits as with her old vet she had some very bad days and now on new medication and care she is more lively and ready for kibble. We do have some bowel issues but hopefully we find the right one for her sensitive system.
    What kibbles would be good for her in addition to her “people” food. And yes I have read the Dane Lady’s diet but need to look into options and not rely on one source.
    Thank you
    Sammy’s Clubhouse Rescue in Spokane WA

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