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    linda h

    Have a 13 week old lab puppy. is a puppy in training for guide dogs. Hills sponsor this so he was on their large breed puppy food. after 9 weeks big problems with it so was changed over to I.D food, this went well initially. Now he is constantly hungry, wakes twice a night to go bathroom. Poos are normal but waking at night time is not. the bag also says that this I.D. food should only be given for 1 to 1 weeks. I am under the impression that he will be on it long term. I am going back to the Vet on Wednesday for his last vaccination and will check then. But just wondering did anyone have similar problems and what did they do ?


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    Hi linda h-
    Congratulations on your new puppy! I’m sorry you are having some issues though. Have you had a fecal test done? My lab puppies ended up with Giardia and then Coccidia when they were puppies. That can cause intermittent loose stools and they were constantly hungry. Make sure that you have a test done that is sent out to a lab as these parasites are sometimes hard to detect. I am concerned that I/D is an adult maintenance food and would not supply the nutrients needed for a puppy.
    Have you tried adding any plain canned pumpkin or any type of supplements to help with the diarrhea?
    Check out http://www.dogaware.com. It has a lot of information and remedies for digestive disorders. It sounds as if you will have to feed him Hill’s brand food so I’m not really familar with all their foods and wouldn’t be able to recommend any. I sure hope you get this figured out. Good luck!

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    linda h

    Vet has checked and there does not appear to any underlying issues which is good. Have him on different food now so will see how we get on. (Not Hills, but one his Mum was on and was fine with)…

    this is a great forum…so interesting.

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    Hi, I would not be feeding a puppy the Hills i/d food, You dont say if he’s on the i/d low fat restore or just the i/d gastro, the fat% in the i/d restore is only 8.5% way to low for a pup, that’s probably why he was waking thru the night hungry, I know that Hills sponsors Guide dogs BUT please add some premium quaility food with any Hills kibbles…& watch he doesnt become itchy as Hills foods are high in Carbs up to 60% carbs, my boy can’t eat Hills, he starts to scratch & be itchy, Im trying the Hills i/d Low fat restore wet tin food, just for breakfast something different as Im sick of boiling chicken & pumkin but when I ask Patch which one do you want, I show him the the i/d food & the chicken breast & pumkin, he picks his chicken & pumkin, lol….

    Oh, just read you change food, but if he still on Hills please add either a few sardines that were in spring water, or chicken or a boiled egg, etc so his stomach/bowel get use to different foods, sardines will make him nice & shinney..

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