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    Chloe K

    I’m really concerned in starting my puppy off with feeding raw chicken because it’s so hard to find just chicken out of the bone, (I’m Australian, and I pretty much live out in the country so it’s hard to find things like that) I can get heart mince, liver mince, and I can very easily get beef and kangaroo diced, but no where sells chicken diced. :/

    What can I do? Is Chicken Mince ok to use for a few weeks before I can progress to beef/cow? The closest to us that sells raw for dogs has “Chicken Scapular Trim” which I’m not 100% sure but I think that is just meat and no bone? Is that ok to feed + the liver/heart and bones in the night for their bone intake.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Since I am new to raw been only doing it for 4 months I would advise that you feed your dog a high quality kibble diet until they are 1 year old. That way there is no nutritional deficiency impact

    I had concerns about the nutritional requirements for pups and hence I waited until my pup was 1 year old and while I waited for my pup to be 1 year old I did plenty of research.

    If you are concerned this is what I would do.

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    Chloe, I agree mostly with ed p. I think it’s really good advice. It’s hard to calculate an all homemade diet for pups for all their needs. I feed alot of homemade for my adult for several years, but I still couldn’t feel confident or comfortable doing it for a pup, at least not without going back to the books and even then probably not for 100% of the diet. It doesn’t have to be kibble necessarily, but commercial balanced quality kibble and/or canned and/or commercial raw. You can always start to add a small amount of homemade to his diet, only keep small enough that it doesn’t throw off the balance. I’m not familiar with some of the meats you have either.

    Is he a large breed? If so, proper balance is even more so important.

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