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    Deborah L

    I have the fussiest 2.5 y/o Traditional yorkie and a new 5 month old Beiwer terrier, my older terrier eats the puppy food not his own, the puppy eats everything. I’ve tried mixing them to trick the older one but he will go hungry, won’t even pick out the puppy kibble, i’ve Added fat free cheese (he will fish that out) I know he shouldn’t be eating puppy food. Any advice?

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    Don’t free feed (leave food down all day). Monitor meals. Feed on opposite sides of the room in separate dishes.

    In fact separate the pups with a gate, different rooms at mealtime if you have to.

    Most adult dogs do best with 2 meals per day and an occasional snack. At 5 months old the pup should be able to go to 2 meals per day soon if not now.

    You are in charge. Do not allow the dog to eat the puppy’s food!

    If the dog or puppy refuses to eat, pick up the food after 10 minutes, store covered in the fridg and offer at the next mealtime. Eventually they will eat, as long as they are drinking water it’s okay to skip a meal or two unless there is a medical condition that contradicts this.

    Just my opinion, consult your vet if you continue to have concerns.

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    I agree with anon but will add to feed each in their own crate.

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    Hi Deborah,

    What are you feeding your fussiest 2.5 y/o Traditional yorkie & what are you feding your
    new 5 month old Beiwer terrier..

    Have you looked at changing both their foods so they can eat the same food??
    Look at “all life stages” dehydrated Raw food…

    “CaniSource Grand Cru All Life Stages Dehydrated Raw” Dry Dog Food.

    “Buckley Liberty Freeze-Dried Dry Dog Food”

    “BIXBI” Rawbble Dry Dog Food

    “Canidae” Grain Free PURE Ancestral Raw Coated Dry Dog Food

    “Ziwi Peak” air Dried Raw

    “Canidae” Grain Free PURE Petite® Small Breed Raw Coated Dry Formula with Real Salmon for Adults
    “Canidae” Grain Free PURE Petite® Small Breed Raw Coated Dry Formula with Real Salmon for Puppies has 1% more fat, both formula’s have identical Ingredients & Guaranteed Analysis….

    The puppy formula’s is higher in fat so probably more appealing..

    Look for new foods they both can eat & rotate their foods so they dont eat the same food 24/7 & get bored…..
    Fresh is best..

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    christine v

    I plan on feeding my 13mth old small Jack Russell Orijen puppy food (smaller kibble) when it finally becomes available here in Australia next month. I emailed Orijen and they said the puppy dry food is fine for Adults and is an ALS food. I compared the ingredients and GA to the Adult formula and i can barely see any differences.

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    Hi Christine,

    Who told you we are getting Orijen in Australia??

    We use to get Orijen but back in 2007 then Orijen over irradiated cat pet food, then FINALLY after so many deaths late November 2008 Orijen Pet Foods started recalling cat food due to all the death of cats in Australia.
    Then our Government banned Orijen ever coming into Australian waters, Orijen never ever apologized to all the poor pet owners…

    Was Irradiated Pet Food the cause of Cat deaths in Australia?

    Look at

    * “Frontier Pets”
    Australian made dehydrated raw you just add some warm water its smells beautiful, its free range meats, orangic vegetables & eggs…

    * “Wellness Core Small Breed”
    small kibbles made US, sold Pet Barn store’s, cheaper if you go online buy pet barn online store & Click & Collect or the Pet Barn lady can do it & you get cheaper then price at Pet Barn store.

    Core Dog Products

    * “Canidae Pure”
    small kibbles made US sold My Pet Warehouse online or Pet Stock pet shops
    none of these pet foods are Irradiated, I think its not done anymore?…..

    Follow Pet Food Review- Australia on face Book page
    He has posted poison Duck dog treats that were Irradiated & NEVER put it on the front of treat packet, by law if any treats have been irradiated it must be stamped on front of treat packet so pet owners do not give to their cats, but pet food companies dont do this..

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    christine v


    I’m in touch with a distributor who has brought it in, it will be available online around mid February. It will 100% NOT be irradiated, and is coming from the US Kentucky plant, not the Canadian plant. We also will not be getting the Regional Red formula and possibly the Tundra, due to all the red meat in those, but all the other formulas are ok.
    I remember the 2007 debacle, this wont be happening again.

    I currently rotate between- Stay Loyal, Healthy everyday pets and Wellness core.

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    Interesting. I have never liked Orijen anyway.. but I could never personally support a company like that…

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    Hi Christine,
    Which Orijen formula’s are coming here & who will be selling Orijen??
    I’m looking for grain free, limited ingredients, has Pork & Sweet Potato or Potatoes…..
    My Patch has IBD & I’ve been told “Wellness Simple” mighten be sold soon cause its not selling, it’s cause Pet Barn only sell the Wellness Simple thru Pet Barn online store & Pet Barn shops dont have the Wellness Simple in their shops so people dont see it, so no wonder it’s not selling + the price $130 for 11.8kg bag, its cheaper then a vet diet & has better ingredients then vet diet..,
    if you buy Wellness Simple online at the moment its $89 -12kg bag, I think they’re getting rid al the Wellness Simple & are selling it cheaper at the moment BUT delivery from Pet Barn goes by weight it cost $15 for a 12kg order to be posted, other online pet store have free delivery, orders over $29-Pet Circle – free, My Pet Warehouse- orders over $49 – free delivery..
    Are you sure 100% we are getting Origen?? cause Canidae was bringing out their new Ancestral raw coat Kibbles, they didnt come…they looked good.
    The people importing Earthborn Holistic said they were bringing out “Venture LID kibble” it didn’t come either.
    When it comes to filling out all the importation forms etc Ive been told its very very hard to bring in pet foods thats why I like the imported pet foods cause I know they have to pass very strict laws, where their meats come from etc, where the Australian made pet food is not regulated anyone can make a dog or cat food if you live in Australia..
    A heap of people are trying to change our pet laws, so no one can just make a dog or cat food they must do recalls straight away & tell pet owners there’s a problems if dogs are getting sick/dying, then when these Pet foods take off & get a good name they sell them too big pet food companies for $$$$$$$$, look at Black Hawk it was a really good dog food back 2008 a family run business then they sold it, then dogs got really sick the new owners were cutting corners buying cheaper meats/ingredients then the new owners sold it again, then again it was sold to Master Pet Food NZ owns Black Hawk now & the Original formula’s were reformulated & they made a new grain free line & had a quick & quiet recall 2-3months ago with the Black Hawk G/F Salmon formula, Master Pet Food released a statement & said they went thru a different Salmon supplier (Yeah a cheaper salmon supplier) least Black Hawk did a quick recall & made a Statement more then Advance did 1 year ago when dogs were dropping like flies after eating Advance Dermcare dry formula…
    Black Hawk & Ivory Coat are made at the Dubbo plant…..
    Ivory Coat was sold to Chinese is also made by the Real Pet Food Company, the Real Pet Food Company made Baxters Woolworths generic brand that was poisoning dogs 2017 & 2018..

    I stay away from all Australian made pet foods now unless it’s an honest small business like “Frontier Pets” she shows everything she does where her meat comes from, where the organically grown veggies & fresh farm eggs come from & Patch doesnt get sick..

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    christine v


    The distributor mentioned Mypetwarehouse being the first online store to sell Orijen. The shipment should be here from the US any day now, or might already be here now, I’ve stopped texting the guy I’m dealing with because i was constantly bombarding him with texts, and i think i was annoying him lol. We are getting all of the formulas except for Regional red (the one i really wanted!!!) and Tundra.

    Canidae told me they are working on getting in the raw coated kibble, but it is way down the road at this stage. I’ll text the Orijen guy again mid January, and will give you an update.

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    christine v

    Susan, just an update on Orijen. It will be available for purchase on or around the 25th of February. Still not 100% on who exactly will be stocking it.

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    jackie o

    Maybe this will help:

    We feed our puppy Gosbi

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    Jackie O please stop spamming the forum with that link

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    jackie o

    Sure, I just meant to help “-.-

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    It just makes you look like you’re “peddling” whatever the video is.

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    Walt W

    I also have a puppy in my family, although I bought some special food for my puppy. However, I am still worried that these things are not enough. Can you give me some advice?

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