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    New to the group. Does anyone have a suggestion for puppy food for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? I figure since this is a small dog we can afford a little more expensive brand.

    Also, I have heard mixed things about Greenies. Is there another treat similar for teeth that is safely recommended?


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    Ooohh….Cavaliers! I have 2 right now, older girls. Congratulations on your new baby. If it were me and I had another puppy I would probably feed Fromm Gold Puppy, or Wellness Small Breed Puppy. I also like all-life-stage foods like Annamaet, Fromm 4Star, Dr. Tim’s. I also top my dogs’ food with canned food for more variety and moisture. A good probiotic/enzyme supplement, a whole food vitamin/mineral, and omega 3’s in the form of fish oil are some things to consider in the future, as well. I also admit I used to feed Greenies and Dentastix but discovered the ingredients aren’t that great and they can be a choking hazard, as well. Now, I like to use The Honest Kitchen Beams. They are dried fish skins. I’m sure others will have recommendations for you soon. 🙂

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    warren w

    Would suggest the Royal Canin dry kibble for small bread. Our 14 month Cavalier loved it. We switched to Nutri Source at 10 months.

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    My Cavalier is a little piggie. She snarfs her food down and rushed over to my Golden’s boreal to try to muscle in on his food.

    I’ve tried lots and lots of different foods for my dogs. My Cavalier does amazingly well on Wellness Core foods. Wellness Core Small Breed is very tiny, but she also eats Wellness Core Ocean without a problem.

    My Cavalier lives Beans also, but I think most Cavaliers are prone to weight gain so I tend to like Wellness Petite Treats for her. There only a couple of calories each.

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    I posted back in Feb. and still stand by what I said there. I would like to say again that I love Fromm and Wellness foods. For chews, I love a product called Whimzees (made in Holland) and THK Beams, which are dried fish skins. My boy Cavalier loves antlers, but you do need to be watchful with very hard things that might bread or crack teeth.

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