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    Nancy H


    I read the reviews and am not sure about the puppy food choices. Can you help me make a decision?

    What would you recommend for a Shar Pei puppy for all over health?

    Also your video says not to have the fat larger than the protein only the charts all say the fat is more than the protein.

    I am not on a budget but would use the coupons section and could not find any up to date coupons.
    Thank you,

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    Hi Nancy,

    There is no one “best” puppy food. After all, how could there be a one-size-fits-all dog food that would be right for every puppy?

    Also, be sure to keep in mind that any food that we rate 5 stars might only be 3 stars to your particular puppy. Dogs are a lot like us humans. What’s good for one of us may be terrible for another.

    For example, some 5 star foods might be too “rich” for some dogs. They may contain too much meat for some animals. Those pets would probably do better with a 3 or 4-star food that contains less meat based protein and fat and slightly more carbs than another.

    My best advice: Use dietary biofeedback to answer your question.

    Buy a small package of any of our Editor’s Choice recommended puppy foods. And transition gradually over to that product. Next, monitor your dog’s response to that food. Are her stools normal? Does she like it?

    Then, if necessary, adjust your choice. There’s no need to force any food on any dog. If a 5-star dog food doesn’t work for her, then move on… just like you would for any member of your human family.

    Hope that makes sense. Good luck on your choice.

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    Nancy H


    Thank you.. I looked at the list. if you could give me your top 5 I would appreciate it.

    Shar Pei’s need grain free for allergies. I had my last two on Orjens freeze dry and they had no problems until my male got kidney disease and I lost him a couple of months ago..
    🙁 and my female has a sour stomach so I have to feed her Royal Canin Intestinal dog food from my vet. I also have to give her an anti acid 2 times a day and Benadryl for her allergies. I also give her 5 bites of plain yogurt that seems to help with her stomach too.

    So any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Horkey

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    Kim B

    I have giant schnauzer puppies, the breeder now uses Victor Active Dog & Puppy Formula.
    First pup is 10 months old, new one is 8 weeks old. I want to know if this is a quality product?

    When I got the first pup, tried Origen but it was too rich for her – Black stool and then diarrhea. Ended up trying 2 others with the same result and then ended up with Hills Diet Ideal Balance large breed puppy chicken and brown rice. Appears to be doing well, and shiny coat. Should I switch my new pup over?
    Victor is rated 5 star but is not listed anywhere on editor’s choice. The Hills Diet Ideal Balance
    was listed as a secondary or alternative choice for puppy foods?

    How can I feed the right food when breeder tells me one thing, trainer says another, vet does not suggest a specific dog food only says no to certain brands and watch calcium level, and your forum says something else…Very confused and frustrated. The first 6 months are the most important for development and I am again unsure what is best. I know kidney issues are prone to this breed so a diet that is too rich can stress the kidneys over time. Please help!

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