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    Donna C

    We currently have two puppies that are now 5 mths old. WE have two labs prior. WE have noticed that they are drinking a lot of water especially after they eat. Does anyone have any information regarding high sodium content in dog food. We currently feed them IAMS puppy large breed which I just read is not the “best” food. I am hoping for some recommendations. Thank you.

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    Are you sure that they are drinking too much water?
    Frankly, I’d be more concerned if they weren’t drinking enough water.
    You can call the 1-800 number on the dog food bag and ask them for the sodium amounts.
    I doubt the food is above the recommended amounts, dogs do need some sodium.

    For science based veterinary medicine go here

    Otherwise, you are just reading opinions. There are no veterinarians affiliated with this site (DFA).

    If you are really concerned, call your vet, he may suggest obtaining a urine sample.
    If you can’t get it, the vet can strait cath the pup, only takes a second.

    PS: If they are only eating dry food, be glad they are drinking the water, they need it.

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    Hi Donna,
    If you think they’re drinking heaps of water then they probably are drinking too much water, when my boy was eating Taste Of The Wild, Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb he’d drank heaps of water some days then he stopped eating the dry kibble, so he made the dision for me to change dog foods… When your pups grow up & are adults start rotating between a few different brands of kibble with different meat protein, so they aren’t eating the same dry kibble 24/7 & add some fresh whole foods to their diet…..
    Have a look at “Canidae” All Life Stages, Large Breed Puppy formula’s, Canidae have 2 large breed puppy formula’s their Turkey & Brown Rice & their Duck, Brown Rice & Lentils large Breed puppy formula..
    Here’s Canidae’s site, click on page 5 both formula’s are there, Canidae has heaps better ingredients then the Iams puppy formula…
    or look for Large Breed Puppy in “Holistic Select” “4health” “Victor” “Sport Dog Ellite Series”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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