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    One of the regular posters on DFA had posted something about using pumpkin seed oil for their dogs as a supplement.

    I’m trying to remember who uses it…..

    I’ve been looking into using it….and found a company that makes both camelina and pumpkin seed oil.

    I want to try them out…..if anyone has used these please let me know what brand/company you use.

    Thanks….Dawn aka PugsonRaw

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    That’s Shawna for sure but could be some more folks.

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    I’m looking for a thread on salmon oil & saw this. I just started my sheltie on pumpkin seed oil

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    What brand are you using and where did you find it?

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    After Gemma’s “issue” again last week, Shawna gave me a list of stuff to get to help her gain some weight and not feed more THK. I went to the health food store and got Omega Nutrition organic pumpkin seed oil:


    Got this buy one get one free deal, I think it was $17.99 for both. I also got ghee and red palm oil. I will have her on the pumpkin oil for a week, then will try one of the other ones for a week, then the last. Then, I will rotate daily. Shawna gave me this whole schedule, bless her heart and I typed it up so steve can understand.

    The magazine will go out today!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Ghee is the best. I’ve never given it to the dogs but I cook with it a lot and love it on my sprouted grain english muffins. I haven’t given pumpkin seed oil to the dogs either but I do give them ground sprouted pumpkin seeds.

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