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    Publix has just started advertising ‘premium dog / cat food’ and states:
    •Real meat is the #1 ingredient
    •No corn, soy, or wheat recipe
    •No artificial colors or flavors
    •Includes vegetables, fruits, and whole grains

    Does anyone know anything about this brand?

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    This is what Publix had to say:
    Our pet food is produced here in the US by Mars Petcare in TN. The manufacturer informed me that they source their ingredients from the United States using suppliers located near their manufacturing facility when possible. While this is the case for most of their ingredients, some of their vitamins and minerals must be sourced from Asia. To ensure they receive high-quality ingredients, all of their suppliers must comply with their strict and thorough Supplier Quality Assurance program and undergo frequent quality audits. Their products are made with some of the highest quality standards in the industry, and their manufacturing plants perform more than 600 Quality & Food Safety checks daily.

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    Still waiting for a rating from the Pet Food Advisor. Mars as the manufacturer kinda worries me because of all the recent recalls.

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    Mars Petcare makes approx 35 brands including Royal Canin, Nutro, Greenies, Whiskas, Cesar .
    I would love to see a review of it here. My dog loves it.

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    Knox T

    I just bought my dogs their second bag of this in a row. I usually like to change things up for their metabolism but they really liked it. One bad side effect that I’ve noticed in all of my dogs when eating this food, though, is excessive gas. It is so bad that it warranted me creating an account on this sure just to throw that in there. Is this a bad sign for the dog food?

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    Philip M

    This is (IMO) a premium dog food in all aspects. I previously used O.N.E and first tried the Publix brand about 3 months ago. It passes muster in all areas for what I look for for my dog. There is NO NEED to pay extreme prices for high end dog food unless your vet tells you your pet has special needs. I will not feed my dog crappy food either…ever! My dog loves this df and is doing great on it. Her stool is always what you desire to see (ok…maybe ‘desire’ is not the best word), firm Tootsie Roll like pieces, never runny. Her coat shines and her energy is great. She is 3 years old. It is about time someone gave the high dollar dog dining duncecaps a lesson! Publix has! So before you buy your next bag, you may wish to reconsider. Go to Public website and look up the comparison chart they have with all the high end df’s. So if saving about three dollars is something you would actually like when you buy your next bag of dog food, and to know you’re not sacrificing quality to save that three dollars, give this stuff a try.

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    Please post a link or copy & paste the ingredients and nutritional information. I went to the website but you need to “choose a store”….I have no Publix here, don’t know the locations.

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    Marie- This is from the site “Additional nutrition information available upon request. (Go to product detail page for each product.)”

    They don’t have the GA anywhere on the website, but my guess is it’s very similar to Pure Balance. If you do the choose a store thing just put Orlando, Florida. Florida has Publix everywhere.

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    Ha, if a food doesn’t have info on bags or website and it has that on the page, not a food I’ll buy and it explains why it hasn’t been reviewed here.

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    Yes. Because of the way the site is designed, unless the review team has access to the information on the bags, there will not be a review.

    That said, google images got me a shot of the ingredients. Chicken By Product Meal, Brewers Rice, Bone Meal, Animal Fat (generic)…pass

    GA: looks like dry matter basis has a protein level of 29% and fat of 17%

    I’d be curious to the manufacturer as well-as you should be with any private label brand. OP: if you want a lower price point, I’d say pure balance is a superior product to this

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    Someone earlier in the thread said Mars. I’d pass for that and those ingredients. Bone Meal….no thanks.

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    Alex p

    Not long ago Publix recalled their chicken treats. I can’t find the ingredients of their food online, but I think it would be best to stay away from them. I recommend looking at Acana Regionals Grain-Free. Amicus is another good dog food. It’s very high quality and contains superior ingredients. I would try to stay away from any brand that has had recalls recently. Iams is a low quality food and contains poor quality ingredients such as corn meal, chicken by-product meal, dried beet pulp, brewers dried yeast and caramel. But, I wouldn’t feed Publix, if I were you.

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    Sarah B

    Ok, first ingredient is chicken or lamb and chicken by product meal. Pork meat and bone meal, brewers rice, ground barley, fish meal and animal fat, dried carrots and egg product, dried cranberries. Sounds like a winner to me! I’ll be buying it tomorrow. 8 lb bag is 9.99 and 16 lb bag is 18.99. I called my local publix and she actually took a pic on her phone and text it to me, gotta love ’em! btw I am in the Florida keys so we maybe a little higher.

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    Megan Z

    This food is garbage. The first 5 ingredients of your dogs food should be free of grains and actual meats! Never should you feed a by-product and a meat meal like chicken or beef meal aren’t much better. We just adopted an American bulldog who is on this food and his previous owner couldn’t figure out his skin issues. After looking at the ingredients of his food I immediately identified the problem. Even though it’s grain free, this is absolutely not a suitable food for dogs prone to sensitives and allergies. Feed what you will, but dog owners need to do some research. It is possible to feed premium at a fair price if you can’t first feed raw.

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    Albern S

    I don’t think that this is a really good thing. I prefer to use better products for my dog.

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