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    Would foods with pseudo grains be ok to feed when trying to eliminate all grains from the diet? I have a dog who is in remission with thyroid carcinoma and I know raw would be the optimum….and, I’m researching my options. But, until then – I’m looking for some dry foods to add for rotation. I currently feed Horizon Legacy Salmon and have had great results. I was considering Nature’s Logic but, I noticed it contains millet. Any thoughts on other options and feeding pseudo grains?

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    I don’t mind the pseudo grains or some grain as long as they’re gluten free like quinoa and brown rice and millet. And now I’ve started to “sprout” mine before cooking. If you don’t know about sprouting, it breaks up some of the anti-nutrients and activates more healthy enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, etc. I even ordered the 4 Legs of Love sprout blend from here: http://sproutpeople.org/ to add to my dogs’ food. I’ve even got kidney beans sprouting right now for tonights soup. Google “benefits of sprouting” for lots of info. But for kibbles, if it’s gluten free, I’m generally ok with it. There’s only 1 kibble that uses sprouted items and that’s Carna4.

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    I agree with Sandy. As long as it’s a really quality gluten-free grain (and assuming your dog isn’t allergic to it. Many dogs have intolerances to some of those grains, such as rice or millet). Sprouting is also the best too, even though it can be a little tedious at times.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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