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    Peter H

    Greetings. First time poster here.

    We just switched vets and asked him about how much dry food protein for our 14 y/o, 60# mix, who is in good health now. His reply was 26-28%.

    So….Slobbermouth gets a scoop of dry and a 1/2 can of wet, AM and PM. Our Taste of the Wild Dry and Ziwi Peak dry lamb are about 32% protein. The wet she gets is around 10%.

    Does this add up to 42% protein…or because she gets about equal portions of each….a lesser amount of protein ? (Maybe 21%) ?


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    You have to convert the wet food to a dry matter basis to get the actual reading of how much protein it is. Meaning the moisture has to be factored OUT.

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    Here’s my favorite dry matter converter:

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