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    Colleen R

    New poster here looking for some opinions/ My 11 yr old dog (55 lbs) pit/pointer mix was recently diagnosed with PLN.

    The vet said she will need to be on a prescription diet the rest of her life and medication. The food is expensive. I put her on Hills K/d and she hates the dry so I bought her the wet food which she eats just fine, but reading some articles about prescription diets I’m wondering if this is a scam. I would be spending $1600/year on her food if I keep giving her canned. Does anyone have experience with this disease? I’m open to feeding her a raw diet too. I just find it outrageous to spend that much on her prescription food and wondering if it’s all a scam and I could get the same results from a raw diet….I do need to talk to my vet about this and I may even get a second opinion. Any feedback is much appreciated!

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    I would go by your veterinarian’s recommendation. Your dog is a senior and has a medical condition that will not go away.
    Outrageous ($$) is when the dog becomes very sick and you have to go to the emergency vet on a Sunday evening.
    Some science based veterinary medicine here

    Check the comments too. You can post a question if you wish, but the veterinarian cannot give you specific advice as he has not examined your dog.
    Good luck
    PS: There are no veterinarians here at DFA.

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    If you decide to post at skeptvet, know that it may take a day or two for your post to show up.
    They carefully screen comments from new posters and don’t tolerate personal attacks and such.
    Oh, and nothing is being sold at that site.
    Happy Holidays!

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